WSU releases new online platform to connect Warriors

Mitchell Prosser, news reporter

Winona State University released a new software called The Warrior Network.
Tracy Hale, director of alumni engagement, was in charge of getting the online platform created.
“The Warrior Network is an online platform that is free for students, alumni and friends of the university to use to connect with each other,” said Hale. “This software is like if you take Facebook and LinkedIn and combine them with each other, having just the Warrior community involved.”
Hale said the Warrior Network also has a mentor program, something that will offer students guidance from alumni that are related to their job field.
Hale said the Warrior Network was created as a way for alumni to continue to be engaged and give back to the university.
“There are around 50,000 Warriors around the world, from Malaysia to Sri lanka, that want to help the university they once attended. This is a great way for them to do that, even if it’s just in the form of mentoring a current student,” Hale said.
Hale hopes the Warrior Network will be utilized in the same way social media outlets Facebook and Snapchat are used.
Hale also touched on some of the features that are unique to the platform.
“You can do a live chat with someone else that is online while you are,” Hale said. “It doesn’t always have to be serious, say you’re a student in a program looking for advice on what classes to take next semester, you can hop on Warrior Network, make a post or talk via video chat to someone about what professors to take classes with.”
Hale said this chat feature also applies for the mentor program.
While this software was created from alumni to create connections with students, it’s not just limited to that.
Maddie Franke is a first-year student majoring in medical laboratory science.
“As a student who hopes to go onto grad school, post graduating from Winona, this software is going to be essential in helping me make connections with people who have gone onto graduate school,” Franke said.
Franke also believes the connections made will help further her understanding regarding her job field.
“As a freshman, I had little to no knowledge regarding what I should get involved with on campus to ensure I have a shot at getting into graduate school,” Franke said. “With this software, I can get in contact with alumni who have been in my position before and learn what I should and shouldn’t avoid”
“With this software you will be able to see jobs via Handshake, instead of having to click multiple links to get to an application for a job, there is a one stop spot for applying to jobs,” Hale said.
The Warrior Network has been online since Feb. 5.