Students react to Winona robberies

Students react to Winona robberies

Allison Mueller

Cheney Mason / Winonan

Police arrested four men Friday, Sept. 2 for participating in armed robberies on Broadway and Johnson streets, as well as near Lake Boulevard and Clarks Lane earlier that night.

Sources say the men were caught near West Sarnia Street.

While no Winona State University students were arrested in the incident, because of the proximity to not only the university but also popular places for college students to go on the weekends, some students expressed their concern with the incidents.

Brad Anschutz, a Winona State sophomore, said he was close to one of the robberies that occured but did not know what was happening until it was explained later.

Anschutz claimed to have heard somebody tell him two people had just been robbed nearby. He was on his way home with a group of his friends when this was brought to his attention by a different group of people walking by.

“It definitely freaked me out when I heard what really had all happened,” Anschutz said. “I feel like I have to have my guard up.”

Anschutz added that although he thinks Winona is a safe place, he took this incident as a threat to his safety and now takes extra precautions when he goes out at night.

“I think Winona is a safe place,” Anschutz said. “My hometown is in Cottage Grove, Minn., and there is some sketchy stuff that goes on there, too. But this really made me feel like I always have to be watching out for myself and my friends.”

Seven Winona State University students occupy a duplex located on Broadway Street and one tenant, Aileen Weeks, explained how this incident so close to her home reminded her to keep up with safety measures.

“I actually didn’t even know this happened. I don’t even have cable. My roommates were just talking about it that’s how I found out.,” Weeks said. “I feel pretty safe. We are closer to an intersection so there are always people going by. This doesn’t really change that. We keep our door locked at night and everything.”

Weeks said some of her other roommates felt differently about the situation that happened that Friday night.

“I for sure think my other roommates are freaking out about this though,” Weeks said. “Some of my friends were even outside near it when it happened.”

Weeks said aside from feeling safe in her home, she also still felt safe walking around Winona at night.

“As long as I’m not walking alone at night I usually feel pretty safe, in certain areas at least,” Weeks said. “But if I was alone I wouldn’t feel safe. Probably anywhere I wouldn’t [feel safe].”

-By Cheney Mason