Students robbed during weekend activities

Allison Mueller

Cheney Mason / Winonan

Starting off the new semester, students at Winona State University should be focused on getting ready for classes and reuniting with friends, not worrying about personal items being stolen from their home.

This past weekend two Winona State students were worrying about just that as victims of theft.

The night for leaser of the home Bradley Anseth, quickly got out of hand after roommates discovered their TV was missing from their home.

Anseth said he was not at home when the robbery occurred, but his two roommates were.

“I was out with my friends, and my roommate

just calls me up and was like, ‘Our TV was stolen’,” Anseth said. “We obviously called the cops, but we’re not sure how they will find the people.”

Anseth said his roommates described hearing noises while they were in their rooms and came out to find the TV gone.

“Probably they were drunk,” Anseth said. “I just don’t understand who does that.”

Anseth said he and his roommates hope to get their TV back and also will be locking their door at all times.

“Winona is safe, but on the weekends when everyone gets drunk, everyone gets wreckless I guess,” Anseth said. “I didn’t pay for the TV myself, but that’s a lot of money just to steal from somebody.”

That same weekend, another student was dealing with the aftermath of a robbery during a night out with friends.

First-year student, Cristal Love said she left her backpack unattended in a friend’s kitchen Friday night, and when more guests arrived, her backpack along with inside contents were gone. Love said the house quickly filled with guests she did not recognize.

“It wasn’t very long before someone took it,” Love said. “Nobody saw it happen, and all of my friends who live in that house haven’t seen it.”

Love said her backpack had important things in it that will now cost her to be replaced.

“My apartment keys were in it, which is about fifty dollars,” Love said, “My student ID was in there too, and the fact that it was a nice backpack that I actually use sucks too.”

“I don’t want to have to pay for it all, and I just don’t understand why people do this kind of thing,” Love said. “I hope whoever has it can live with the fact that they stole from someone.”

Love said that many people in the house were partying and her friends did not notice anyone take the backpack until later in the night.

“Someone drunk must have taken it,” Love said. “The house had a lot of people in it, so I would have never noticed someone taking it.”

By Cheney Mason