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Blake Gasner
Blake Gasner works as the current film critic for the Winonan. He is in the midst of his first year with the paper, but his love for cinema is years in the making. Upon discovering the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films on VHS at a young age, Gasner's imagination became hooked with the storytelling medium. He decided to attend Winona State as a Film Studies and Creative Digital Media major after seeing "La La Land" as a senior in high school.

Movies have greatly effected the course of Gasner's life for the better multiple times, and he hopes to repay the art form through his work with the paper and future work as a filmmaker. Alongside his position as a film critic for the Winonan, Gasner is also a Resident Assistant in Lourdes Hall and the Vice President of the WSU Film Club. When not involved in his campus activities, it should come as no surprise that Gasner enjoys watching movies, as well as journaling, exercising, and spending time with close friends.

Blake Gasner, Film Reporter

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