WSU’s very own Cake Boss bakes big


Abby Derkson/Winonan

For Abbey Ida Tibesar, life did not slow down when she went back to school in 2010.

Working toward a degree in business administration and accounting, Tibesar used the knowledge she gained in class to build her baking business, “Abbey Ida’s Treats.” She divides her time between her studies, her jobs and her passion for baking.

“I started baking when I was 2 with my grandma and loved it,” she said.

Tibesar bakes out of her small apartment and began by taking personal orders.

“I’m still doing it out of my apartment, but I have a bigger client base,” she said.

Tibesar specializes in personal orders from cookies to cupcakes, cakes to macaroons.

“If I don’t know how to make something for someone, I’ll tell them that or figure out how to make it,” she said.

Tibesar’s typical week involves much more than her classes. She works at both the Student Resource Center and Fastenal. She even started a bee-keeping business with her father. And, as if that was not enough, Tibesar maintains a full-time student status with 16 credits each semester.

Tibesar thrives on the pressure from her busy schedule.

“I work really well under pressure. I think that’s where I can have all of these burners in the fire and I can just still maintain a calm in my life because I thrive under the excitement of getting it done,” she said.

Her most difficult order was a graduation cake she made two years ago. In a 24-hour marathon of non-stop baking, Tibesar created a 120-pound cake that was 19 inches around, 21 inches high and shaped like a graduation cap.

“It was one of the best cakes I ever did. It took me forever. It was just amazing,” she said.

Another baking session involved Tibesar juggling her studies and her baking.

“One time I had a hundred cupcakes due and I had three tests on Monday,” Tibesar said. “I had my other jobs, so I had to figure out how to do all of that and not just want to break down. I got everything done.”

“Stop” was not in Tibesar’s vocabulary.

“I have to keep going,” she said. “When stuff happens in my personal life, I just have to keep moving forward.”

Tibesar loved her decision to go to college and pursue her passion. Before returning, she worked as a certified nursing assistant, a cashier, a housekeeper, a manager at various places and a factory worker at Barron’s. She returned to school to seek her degree in business because she was tired of not enjoying what she was doing.

“If it doesn’t excite you in the morning to wake up and do what you’re doing, change what you’re doing,” she said. “I’ve changed it a couple times in my life. I took five years off of school and had to learn that life really sucks sometimes.”

But now Tibesar is comfortable with where she is and how her business has grown.
“I’m busy, but I’m happy. I’m incredibly happy.”