Review: ‘The Maze Runner’ movie

Allison Mueller

Michaela Handke/ Winonan

Based off the bestselling book series written by James Dashner, “The Maze Runner” finally made it to movie theatres.

“The Maze Runner” overall was a movie I would recommend. It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

The main character, Thomas (whose name is not discovered until he has been stranded for a few days in the mysterious Glade) is played by the charming Dylan O’Brien. I found myself having many of the same emotions as his character throughout the film; his curiosities were my curiosities, and his confusions were my confusions.

However, there were many thrilling moments where Thomas seemed fearless and tactful, while I, on the other hand, was in a ball on my seat.

The struggles and the meanings behind the movie itself could be related to many struggles we face in life. I found myself getting mad at one of the main characters, Gally, yet understood his attachment to the maze.

Gally once said, “Everything changed when you showed up.” I feel this quote can relate to many things we go through as humans: change is inevitable and is sometimes hard to adjust to. Yet, when you learn to go with the flow and realize change can be a good thing, you can accomplish so much in life.

The mysterious edge of this film kept me wanting more. I wanted to know more about what was going on, and how they were going to skillfully get through it, if at all. In the end I still wanted more. As soon as something would calm down, it wouldn’t be long before something would stir up again.

The film had many different camera angles giving the effect that the audience was there with the characters. One moment etched in my brain is when several of the characters are running. The director chose to have the camera shake as though the cameraman was running alongside with them. The effect was short but made an impression, along with many other creative twists and gory details.

The “Maze Runner” in my opinion was a mixture of “Divergent” and “The Hunger Games.” Although there are similarities, there are many differences as well.

One could not say the making and idea for the series was not a creative one. It is one I feel most people should see. I am warning you that there is a strong possibility that you will get hooked, just like me. In fact I may just go back and see it again.