Winona State hosts week- long Easter egg hunt

Allison Mueller

Kalika Valentine-Erickson/ Winonan

Students hunted around campus for Easter eggs containing prizes of candy, bookstore gift cards and more on Monday, March 31.

The hunt was sponsored by Campus Card/Purple Pass, the Winona State Bookstore and Chartwells Dining Services. The eggs were filled with candy, Purple Pass and WSU bookstore gift cards, t-shirts, water bottles and more.

Eggs were hidden on Main Campus, West Campus and East Lake apartments. Clues were posted in the Winona State Update email to assist students in finding the eggs.

One clue read, “Go to the building of the liberal arts. On the third floor you could find a tutor to help you get a leg up on your inner Shakespeare. Instead, ask a tutor, and you might just find an egg very, very near.” The location of this egg was the Writing Center on the third floor of Minne.

Communication Arts and Literature- Teaching (CALT) major, Olivia Stoltman, had a class in Minne, but when she went to the Writing Center, she found she was too late.

“They posted a sign on the door that the egg was already found. I thought I was early enough, but the competition was more fierce than I thought,” Stoltman said.

Student Alison Bettin took part in the Easter egg hunt and found a large chocolate bunny and a gift card.

“The campus ducks found my egg. The female duck was pecking at it, like she thought it was hers. Then I stole it, and it contained candy and a gift card to Blooming Grounds,” Bettin said.

Bettin shared her winnings and gave the gift card to a friend. She also planned on giving the chocolate bunny to her son, Henry.

Students found the hidden eggs fairly quickly, but there was still an opportunity to win for those who did not find one of the eggs. Students could sign up for an Easter basket, filled with candy, shirts, water bottles and gift cards.

Christian Sopkowiak, a CALT major, was excited to hear about this option, since he missed out on finding one of the hidden eggs.

“I signed up for the Easter basket prizes, because the prizes looked awesome. I saw a couple baskets behind desks in the residence halls and at the housing office. I was told that I could win free candy and other goodies, so I jumped at the opportunity to enter,” Sopkowiak said.

Winners of the baskets were chosen Wednesday, April 1 at 10 a.m.

“This was a fun way to get the entire campus excited about the Easter holiday, and having the opportunity to win free stuff was great too,” Stoltman said.