Breakthrough shows family talents at Mugshots performance


Catherine Medin sang lead vocals for Breakthrough at the band’s performance last Thursday.
Kyle Kotajarvi/Winonan

Haley Loeffler/Winonan

Every Thursday since 2006, Café Lourdes has hosted Mugshots, an opportunity for the musical students of Winona State to perform live for their peers.

On Sept. 6, Breakthrough played at Mugshots for their third consecutive year. PJ (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), Drew (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), Shon (Drums), Catherine (Lead Vocals/Keys), and Sara (Keys/Synth/Vocals) are five siblings that make up the band.

They started eight years ago when their dad brought home a keyboard and a drum set and said, “Learn these, guys,” Catherine recalls.

Their second album has just been released, “Eve of War” and the band says their goal through music is to make a difference, change, or a breakthrough in someone’s life.

PJ and Drew started at Winona State in their sophomore and junior years, respectively, and now both are “super seniors”— although Drew is quick to remind everyone, “Only by one semester!”

This family is bound together not only through their faith and moral system, much like other families, but also by the music.

PJ said “It is our job, but it is also the glue that binds us together. Most people would think you would have to be pretty close just by being siblings, but it is actually the band and the music that keeps us connected.”

The band classifies their music as alternative Christian rock, or “Eclectic rock, because when we play our own stuff we each have our own styles.”

The band members are far from where they started eight years ago. Drew got married before school started, and PJ and his wife are now expecting their first child in March of 2013.

On the band’s blog, PJ said, “It seems like yesterday I didn’t see Europe in the near future. However, here we are, planning on going to Europe for the third time in December. I remember back when we only had maybe four events a year. Now here I am, having just returned from two shows in South Dakota and looking forward to a week long worship conference next week, intermixed with three other shows and a tour beginning in August.”

Mugshots is provides an opportunity for anyone looking to share their musical talents with friends and peers. Breakthrough, through Mugshots, has been connected to some great friends, and has been given the opportunity to bring people together through the music they play and the lyrics they believe in.

Students were treated to a light and humorous performance on Thursday, where the siblings shared personal stories of struggle, great triumph and humor, including the story of how Drew proposed to his wife. She is also a senior at Winona State.

The audience basked in the atmosphere of the coffee shop setting, and enjoyed listening to the rock-centric acoustic melodies flowing from the stage. Students in the audience appeared enthusiastic about the music they heard.

Any musicians who would like to play at Mugshots is welcome to audition after the performances on Thursday nights throughout the year, typically around 10:30 p.m. Email [email protected] edu for more details.

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