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Student Senate addresses tuition freeze

Allison Mueller

March 1, 2017

Sara Tiradossi / Winonan A possible tuition freeze by the Board of Trustees from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities could be mandated before the end of the semester, according to Winona State University Student Senate...

Foundation scholarships help students ease money woes

Allison Mueller

February 25, 2015

Victoria McKenzie/ Winonan It takes money to make money. Students can be stuck in the “catch 22” of needing a job to pay for school but also needing a degree to get a job that pays well enough to support them during...

College tuition pays for much more than education


February 13, 2013

Hannah Jones/Winonan A professor once told me, calmly reclining in her desk chair and turning momentarily away from a pile of paperwork, scholarly articles and the glow of her computer screen, that she had several times considered...

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