Relay for Life sees changes during COVID-19 pandemic

Relay for Life sees changes during COVID-19 pandemic

Kellen Brandt, Features Reporter

Winona State University’s 2020 Relay for Life, hosted by Colleges Against Cancer, was scheduled for Friday April 3, but had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the cancellation, Colleges Against Cancer is planning to re-schedule for an in-person Relay for life at a later date, while many other clubs are still finding ways to interact in an online Relay for Life.

Kayce Redican, a sophomore majoring in elementary and early childhood education with a coaching minor, is the co-president of Colleges Against Cancer.

“As of right now, we as the Winona County Relay for Life board are looking at still doing a relay, but doing it in the fall of 2020,” Redican said.

Though the delay in the event comes as a disappointment for many in the club, Redican recognizes how important it is to still have the event take place.

“I’m passionate about the Relay for Life, and I think having it in the fall would be different, and I think it would be a good change,” Redican said. “Other Relay for Life’s in Southern Minnesota have had a huge success with having it in the fall, so I think it would be good for Winona County.”

In the meantime, Colleges Against Cancer is encouraging club presidents and leaders on campus to reach out to their members and spread the word of online donations.

“Although the Relay is not in person, people can still donate online,” Redican said. “I think as long as teams and community members still talk about the Relay, it will be okay.”

Hailey Seipel, a junior majoring in applied and professional writing and minoring in mass communication journalism, is the Her Campus editor-in-chief.

Seipel has been reaching out to the members of Her Campus and encouraging them to make donations if they are able.

“Her Campus will be participating in this year’s Relay for Life via online donations from club members and peers,” Seipel said. “With the high likelihood that COVID-19 has left many people across the country tight on money, we are encouraging our members to donate just $5.”

According to Redican, the Winona State community is finding ways to come together and support the fight in this digital world when being together in person is not a choice.

“Due to the corona virus, I understand that people may not be able to donate money, so hopefully having the Relay in the fall will give time for people to get back on their feet after the coronavirus and come together instead of just donating money,” Redican said.

Colleges Against Cancer rescheduled their Winona State University Relay for Life for Oct.23, 2020.

“Given these uncertain times, it’s heartwarming to know that people haven’t given up in the fight to cure cancer,” Seipel said. “We believe we can still make a difference, even though we cannot physically come together.”


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