Photographer Farewell: Natalie Tyler

Even though I was never a main editor in the Winonan, nor even a writer, actually, I felt that it was essential for me to write a farewell letter. I love that this is my first article on the Winonan, but also my last. It makes my letter and my words all that more special.

I am one of the Winonan photographers behind the camera. In the past, some people have asked me if I, as a photographer, feel like I have a voice in the Winonan because I was only photographing.

In the last four years, I have learned my answer to that is yes. While my name is small under a picture’s caption, I do have a voice in campus news. I have told more stories than I could count just through images, making collages of their prints on my walls and collecting various albums on my Flickr account. Being a part of this team, I got to experience diversified events, sports and live theatre all to do what I love: to capture the university’s moments.

Besides the experience, I have met so many phenomenal and hardworking students working on the news for campus. I would have never gotten to join Society of Collegiate Journalists, tour Star Tribune’s office in Minneapolis, nor Minnesota Public Radio without this group of people in my life. Right before COVID-19, majority of the Winonan staff attended ACP: Associated Collegiate Press, a journalism convention in Minneapolis, which resulted in my first-ever news winning picture. Before joining the Winonan, I had never even taken pictures of sports before.

Finally, there are some people I would like to thank for some of these last few years:

I want to give my first thanks to Morgan Reddekopp. She was my first roommate in college and convinced me to join the Winonan. I remember asking her to help me on my very first gymnastics assignment because I had no idea what on God’s green earth I was doing. Her spirit continues to inspire me, and I loved watching her grow into a now, full-time journalist!

My second big-thanks goes to Nicole Girgen, my first photo-editor! Girgen hired me my first year at Winona state, and was beyond patient with my slow editing and caption writing skills. She graduated in 2019, but I am so thankful I have gotten to work with her in the beginning of my journalism career. She pushed me as a photojournalist, and I am so happy with its outcome.

Finally, I want to give a big thanks to Mo! Mo was my last photo-editor in the Winonan, and he’s been incredibly supportive throughout COVID and when I started photographing weddings last season. He has told me so many times how much he believes in me and has supported me since he became an editor. I appreciate his work ethic and how passionate he is. I know the Winonan will be in good hands under his photographic authority, and in the future staff’s hands. I am even more excited to see where life takes him in his own works.

Being a part of the Winonan has helped me grow immensely as a photographer. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this experience and had played a part in it.


This is not a goodbye, but a see you later!