Athlete of the Issue 9/19


Photo courtesy of WSU Athletic Department

Name: Alaina Kne
Sport: Soccer
Position: Center Midfield
Year in school: Sophomore
Hometown: St. Francis, MN
High School: St. Francis High school Parents’ names: Denise Kne, Gerard Kne Major: Undeclared

Why did you choose to continue playing sports outside of high school? I really enjoyed playing soccer in high school and wanted to continue playing at a more competitive level.

Most challenging part of the game?  Since soccer is such a team sport, building chemistry with the other players and working together is important and challenging. We all have to be on the same page and execute our job on the field.

Your favorite aspect of the game? My favorite part of the game is making offensive and defensive plays that help the team. I especially like being a part of a play that results in a goal.

Accomplishments as a college athlete? My freshman year I played in 18 games, starting 4 of them. I scored 3 goals and had 1 assist during the season.

What do you do outside of school and sports/ Hobbies? I enjoy rollerblading, kayaking, hanging out with my friends, and catching up on tv shows that ive missed, and just relaxing in general. My goal is to go tandem bike riding around Winona soon!

Something others might not know about you: I ran track in high school and went to state in the 800, and would’ve run in college if not for soccer.

Why did you choose Winona State University? I chose Winona State University because the soccer team has been very successful, and I really liked the campus when I visited it.

What are your plans post-graduation? I’m still undecided as a major, and don’t have many post-graduation plans but I’m interested in finding work in the fields of psychology or criminology. I also plan on continuing to learn Spanish, and include that in my career somehow.

If you could meet anyone (past/present) who would it be / Who is your role model? Why? My role model, and who I wish I could meet would have to be one of my favorite soccer players, Lionel Messi. He is an amazing soccer player, and I love watching him play!

Interview by Alyssa Griffith/Winonan