Photo contest illustrates how Winona is home


Contributed by Annie Pendl

Fifth-year student Annie Pendl shows how Winona has become her home in her winning photo entry for the “What Makes Winona Home” photography contest.

Jayda Anderson, News Reporter

As part of Winona State University’s homecoming festivities, Winona State and Kendra Jensen ran a social media contest called “What Makes Winona Home.”

The photo contest was run through the Winona State Homecoming Events Facebook page.

This contest was set up “to encourage students to think of Winona State as more than just a school, but a place they live and call home,” said Jensen.

Students were told to post an image and a caption on either Facebook or Instagram that told their reason as to why Winona State is their home away from home.

“[I] created this contest in hopes that people can put into perspective that Winona is more than just a school, but a place to grow your roots and build foundation of who you are a person,” Jensen said. “It’s more than just a college town, but a community with a large diversity of humans all seeking to grow and become a better version of themselves.”

Two winners were selected and were rewarded the prize of a Winona State knit blanket or a Love Your Melon beanie.

The Winona State knit blanket was purchased with the money that the committee receives and the beanie was donated by the “WSU Love Your Melon” group.

The two winners of the social media contest were selected Oct. 19 at 2 p.m. and announced on the Facebook page on Oct. 20.

One of the winner’s, Annie Pendl, a fifth-year social work major, posted a photo which featured her with people she has met during her time in Winona. The caption to her post stated her reasoning as to why Winona has become home to her over the past few years.

Pendl wrote, “Winona is home because it’s where I found independence, challenges and support. Winona has provided me with room to

grow and experiences I could have never imagined.”

The second place finisher was Karas Kristine Spelios, a junior criminal justice major.

Spelios’ photograph featured her and a friend standing near the Gazebo in the center of campus.

The theme of homecoming for the 2017 year was “All Roads Lead Home.” Jensen shared that this theme was a reason for all Winona State students to celebrate.

“[It is] the perfect opportunity to celebrate being a Warrior and the importance that Winona and Winona State plays in our lives, to bring the Winona and Winona State communities together to have fun with many different festivities and to cheer on our fall sports,” Jensen said.