“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” comes to Winona State

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” comes to Winona State

Sarah Govis, Features Reporter

Winona State University’s theater program will be performing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” from Oct. 17-20. There will be one showing a night at 7:30 p.m. on the Vivian Fusillo Main Stage. Tickets for students are $6 and $12 for the public.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is set to be one of the biggest community shows Winona State has done recently.

Stephanie Trypuc, a senior theatre and mass communications: public relations major, is in charge of the publicity for the show.

“This is the biggest community show Winona State has put on because this show has an older audience. We’ve been trying to reach out to people in Rochester and advertise around campus and the community,” Trypuc said.

The actors in the play aim to get as much of the audience involved as possible.

Cameron Lorntson, a senior history education major, plays Eddie and Dr. Everett V. Scott.

“People get really into this show because it has a cult following. We’re selling kits that have noise makers and things to get the audience interacting with the performance,” Lorntson said.

The actors are excited to perform a show outside of their comfort zones.

“I’m excited because it’s not a traditional college show. It’s fun to explore, especially with close friends,” Lorntson said.

In addition, because of how widely known the production is, the department is excited to see the audience they draw.

Jess Campell, a sophomore elementary education major, is a part of the chorus.

“There are so many people that know this show, and when you do a show that is well-known, people get excited, which gives us extra hype for it,” Campell said.

They hope to show that there’s more to the play than meets the eye.

“I’m stoked because this is such a bizarre show to be a part of. It’s so much more than what you think,” actor Tyler Jensen said.