Student Senate speaks security, sports

Katelynn Holst, Photographer

There were two guest speakers at Winona State Student Senate on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

One of the speakers was Eric Schoh, athletics director pictured left, who talked about the possible 0.88 percent increase to the athletics fee.

Those extra funds will be going toward hotels and food when sports teams are traveling to games or when practices are too early for on campus food to be open.

The second speaker was Chris Cichosz, director of security, who talked about a possible raise for student security workers and a new emergency broadcast system called “Alertus.”

The raise for security would be 25 cents per hour and 50 cents per hour if personnel works 50 or more hours.

Alertus would not replace Star Alert. It would only be used for emergencies. These include fires, gas leaks and other emergencies.