Brown talks about being two-sport athlete

Brown talks about being two-sport athlete

Mitchell Breuer, Sports Editor

In high school, first-year Winona State University student Dylan Brown proved to be quite the hockey player, from being labeled one of the best high school players in the state of Wisconsin, to winning awards for his play ice.

When it came to choose a college where he would be able to continue his athletic career, it was his love of a different sport that ultimately led him to Winona State.

“Well I got a few good opportunities in hockey, like couple of good offers to play juniors but I fell in love with golf over the last couple of years a little more than hockey and Coach Straight gave me a great opportunity, and I didn’t want to pass it up,” Brown said.

Now a member of the Warrior golf team, Brown has proven to be a vital player, with head coach Jeff Straight admiring how Brown has proven himself at quick pace during his first year with the team.

“I was kind of shocked at how well he’s done because I thought ‘Well he’ll come here, and he’ll play in a couple of years,’” Straight said. “He’s played every tournament. He started in the top five every tournament we had. So what a credit to him. I told him ‘If you work this hard at golf as you did at hockey, you’re going be a good player,’ and he did, so we’re looking at big things out of him.”

For the time being, Brown’s focus is on the spring portion of the golf season, but he has not forgotten about hockey.

During the winter break between the fall and spring events for golf, he joined and competed with the Winona State hockey club, where he proved to be an instrumental part of that team, having five assists and seven goals in his 10 games played.

While the schedule has him as one of the busiest Warrior athletes on campus, Brown said the challenge has been worthwhile.

“I think overall, it helps, it’s like the team aspect, like being able to be a leader on and off, like the ice, or on the golf course, just helping any way I can,” Brown said. “I mean, it keeps me in shape, too. I mean, it’s club hockey, so it’s kind of laid back, but at the same point it still keeps the hockey there for me at the same time.”

When asked about any advice he would give to anyone else considering the two-sport challenge, Brown told the Winonan while it’s possible, a person must be prepared for the challenges that come with it.

“I mean, if you are in love with the sports I would say you can definitely do it, but you got to be willing to work yourself really hard and push yourself every day because obviously with the school it’s going to come hard,” Brown said.

Looking back at his first year so far, Brown said it has gone well and is now focused on his continued goal of being the best teammate and student he can be.

“I think it’s went really well,” Brown said. “I had school work and golf that went really well, and I’m just trying to do everything I can to succeed in school and help the golf team as much as possible. Especially we’re coming up at the end of the golf season, so I’m just trying to help the guys any way I can and see where it goes.”