Student Senate takes on two projects

Student Senate takes on two projects

Madelyn Swenson, news editor

Student Senate held their second meeting of the year last Wednesday, Jan. 17.

The meeting started with Senator Ivy Kuhn, reporting that Students United wants to start working on a project to highlight women in positions of leadership on campus.

Kuhn is Winona State’s Campus Organizing Intern for Students United. However, this project will only be happening at Winona State University.

“This is still in the baby step phases,” Kuhn said. “Anybody who wants to participate in this project can. I am looking to get as much support possible.”

Kuhn said that she hopes to make a magazine cover to feature all the women leaders.

There were three guest speakers at the meeting. UNICEF and the American Marketing Association (AMA) asked for more money for trips to conferences and Kendra Weber, director of student and community engagement, was there to ask the senators about what they thought about Winona State’s community involvement.

The president of UNICEF, Lauren Fischer, asked for $4,197.71 for the club to send some of its members to the USA Annual National Summit. There the club would learn more about how to advocate on their campuses.

Members of AMA asked for $1,000 to send 12 members to the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. The conference would help them to hold their own regional conference here at Winona State.

Both club’s proposals were tabled for the next week. That is when Student Senate will vote on if they are giving all or any money to the clubs.

Student Senate President Ben Reimler had a report that included a possible speaker, the laptop program and capital campaign proposals.

Reimler has to testify on behalf of the laptop program to the Board of Trustees.

Every time that the school needs to renegotiate leasing laptops the Student Senate president has to go and testify.

However, the laptop program has a 90 percent approval rating from students according to an assessment the university did recently.

One story that Reimler shared is about the Student Senate PR Director Jacquie Fioriollo.

Fioriollo was in Florida over winter break and was trying to update her resume in InDesign. However, her InDesign was not updated.

She called tech support and they remotely connected her to the Winona State Wi-Fi.

“I think that is a good illustration on how we are kind of a leader in technology education in Minnesota,” Reimler said.