Love is in the air: a Valentine’s photo story


Natalie Tyler

Garrett Ruroden and Maddy Trog
How did you meet? “We met the second week of school, and I was posting my posters around for Hall Council because I was running for Hall Council President, and I was on his floor, and him and all of his friends came out, and they’re like ‘Oh you’re running for President? We can be your campaign committee!’ And later, that night, they came up to my room and we were all just talking about random stuff. Then the next day, Garrett just friended me on Instagram, and Instagram dm’d me, asking me if I wanted to go get ice cream.” (Maddy) What are your favorite things about each other? “Honestly, it would probably be her personality and the way that she brings the bright side of life to every single day, even when you’re feeling down.” (Garrett) “My favorite thing about Garrett is definitely how he can take any situation and make it into either a fun experience or a learning experience, and there’s never a moment that I spend with him that I don’t think is such a great memory, and even when we’re doing nothing, just talking, it’s my favorite thing in the whole entire world.” (Maddy) What is your favorite memory together? “I like to do high-scale, upper class kinds of things, like fancy restaurants. And she got a pretty hefty plate of food, and she looks right at me, and tries to be super secretive about it, and goes, ‘I think I have the meats’ and one of the guys looks at her, and I thought that was really, funny.” (Garrett) “That’s so embarrassing (Laughs). Either when we were driving down to his hometown, and I was really tired, because it was a long day of school, and I declined the chair all the way back, and I was trying to take a nap, and this kid would not shut up. Literally he was talking to himself for thirty minutes on the way home. And I looked at him, and was like ‘Could you be quiet,’ and then he got even more hyper. But yeah, that really shows him all the time- he’s so hyper.” (Maddy)

Natalie Tyler
David Klem and Tristen Webster
How did you meet? “Well, I guess it was within his friend group and everything. Because, like, he’s like a roommate with one of our other friends in the group, and we were all just introduced to one another.” (Tris) “We met pretty much the first day college started.” (David) What are your favorite things about each other? “If I had to pick something- a lot of energy, and a really happy person in front of you.” (David) “I have to say personality.” (Tris) What is your favorite memory together? “Going to parties, and just like having fun.” (David) “When we’re all hanging out at Jack’s room.” (Tris)




Contributed by Matt Myszewski and Kelsa Katzfey
Matt Myszewski and Kelsa Katzfey
Matt Myszewski and Kelsa Katzfey are first year students at WSU and they have been dating since sophomore year of high school. They met in history class, where they sat next to each other and their favorite memory together is their trip to Tennessee. Matt’s favorite thing about Kelsa is her goofiness and how she can make anything fun. Kelsa’s favorite thing about Matt is his willingness to put others before himself.


Kendahl Schleuter
Juniors Brooke King and Silas Jacobs
How did you meet? “We met at Highland, a community college, before going to WSU.” What were your first thoughts of each other on your first date? “I was very nervous yet excited because I liked him, but didn’t want to initially show it first incase he didn’t feel the same way.” (Brooke) “I thought I was going to have a heart attack on our first date. She was and still is so beautiful and I thought she was way out of my league. I never thought in a million years she would even go on a second date, yet here we are a year and a half later.” (Silas) What is your favorite memory? “My favorite memory of Silas is him taking me to work on the farm with him and to see how happy he was to be around the animals and see how he grew up.” (Brooke) “My favorite memory was on a walk down by the lakes on a chilly September evening, the sun was setting and her smile on that night was all I needed to fall in love with her.” (Silas) What do you love most about each other? “I love that he’s there for me without me having to ask, he truly cares about me, and he not only tells me he loves me every single day, but I genuinely feel and see the love and it’s amazing to truly understand how blessed being in love truly is.” (Brooke) “The thing I love most about Brooke is her generous heart. She will drop her life to do whatever she can for her friends and her family.” (Silas)


Nicole Girgen
Maddy Caron and Rich Obermann
How did you meet? “At the first Ballroom Dance Club meeting of fall 2016.” What are your favorite things about each other? “His ability to make me laugh, his honesty and optimism.” (Maddy) “Her independence, how she cares about others and likes to try new things.” (Rich) What’s your favorite memory together? “Making dinner together or our Garvin Heights visits.” (Maddy) “Our Garvin Heights visits.” (Rich)


Contributed by Julie Carpenter
Julie Carpenter and Dane Sorensen
They have been together for three and a half years, they went to middle and high school together and met through Forensics Speech. Dane’s favorite thing about Julia is her art and his favorite memory with her is any time they go to their favorite Japanese restaurant in Eau Claire. Julia’s favorite thing about Dane is his ability to communicate and how patient he is. Her favorite memory with him is when they went to visit his grandparents in Arizona.


Contributed by
Michaela Jorstad and Jack Smyth
They have been together just over two years, they met through the Winona ride share board while both were getting a ride home to the Twin Cities over Thanksgiving break. Jack’s favorite thing about Michaela is how supportive she always is, especially when he’s not feeling the best, and his favorite memory with her was when she surprised him with a trip to Chicago for his birthday last year. Michaela’s favorite thing about Jack is how he can calm her down whenever she’s stressed, usually with jokes or videos of golden retrievers. Her favorite memory with him is when they went to Key West with her family over Spring Break 2017.