“Elephant and Piggie” comes to Winona State


Natalie Tyler

Left to Right: First-years Rachel Maron and Jacob Eberhard as Elephant with three Squirrels: Senior Abby Schmidt, first-year Jessica Campbell and junior Emily Olson in the spring play “Elephants and Piggies ‘We Are in a Play'” on Friday, March 16 on the Vivian Fusillo Main Stage Theatre.

Lauren Gennerman, Features Reporter

The company of “Elephant and Piggie’s ‘We are in a Play'” performed in the Vivian Fusillo Main Stage in the Winona State Performing Arts Center on Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17.

Before performing at Winona State, the company went on a three-week tour around the area performing for local schools, which included the two performances at Winona State. The tour visited twenty schools in the local Minnesota and Wisconsin area, performing for about 6,000 students by the end.

The shows had a different cast depending on the night it was performed. The show had a double cast so the students could take turns touring with the company.

Friday night’s performance had many children in attendance, along with many students from the university as well. Jacob Eberhard and Rachel Maron played the leads, Piggie and Elephant, with Noah Nelson playing the Dog and Penguin. Jessica Campbell, Emily Olson and Abby Schmidt played the Squirrelles.

Saturday’s performance featured Noah Nelson and Courtney L’Heureux as Piggie and Elephant with Breanna Bahr as the Dog and Penguin. Rebecca Borchardt, Holly Stamschror and Kayla Williams-Schwarze were the Squirrelles.

This is the third year Winona State has been able to take a show on tour, and they hope to continue the tradition for many years to come. They have been able to make these productions free for people to see for both local schools and on campus.

Rachel Maron, a first-year theatre major who played Piggie on Friday night’s cast, was thrilled at the prospect of performing a children’s theatre piece as her first role at Winona State.

“I love how fun and energetic children’s theatre is. There is so much expression and goofiness in the lines that tailors really well to the audience,” Maron said. “The other thing I really appreciate about performing for children is how truthful kids are. They have no filter and will tell you exactly how they feel about a performance which is something you don’t typically experience.”

Written by Mo Williams with music by Deborah Wicks, “Elephant and Piggie’s ‘We are in a Play'” was directed by Heather Williams-Williams, assistant theater professor at Winona State. Posters were designed by Courtney L’Heureux, who also played Piggie in the Saturday cast. Scenery was designed by Isaac Sawle, and costumes were designed by Tracy Van Voorst. In Williams-Williams’ message in the show’s program, she shares well-wishes to the audience.

“The cast and I are excited to share this adventure of true friendship,” Williams-Williams wrote. “The loveable characters remind us that it is important to put on our silly hats every once in awhile.”