Senior dances through his last year


Natalie Tyler

Senior Nick Garcia bows with the cast of “Nick’s Movement Capstone” at the end of the final performance on Thursday, April 5 in the Memorial 300 dance studio. Garcia’s capstone marks the end of a semester long project which was inspired by the future and his audition plans after graduation.

Leah Hill, News Reporter

Winona State University Individualized Studies major Nicholas Garcia, performed his Movement Capstone Wednesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 5.

The project consisted of six different dances, three of which were accompanied by videos Garcia filmed.

Garcia explains that the influence for integrating the videos into his project was seeing videos in the media and wondering what those videos would look like in person and what a performance could do that a video cannot.

Garcia has been working on his capstone project since the beginning of the spring semester.

“The future was my inspiration for the project, to show some of my work to people I might audition for,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he decided to become an Individualized Studies major because he tried different majors and found aspects that he liked from each of them, but the capstone focuses on his dance experience.

He began dancing when he was in eighth-grade and experienced a structured class his sophomore year at Winona State.

Garcia said he is happy that he started dancing when he did because he could grow from it.

“I didn’t really have any access to any other kinds of dance or know how to push dance further at that age,” Garcia said.

Garcia also had some advice for first-year students interested in having a career in dance.

“Take a few different dance classes to see what it’s like because once you get an education in dance, your perspective on what dance really is changes a lot,” Garcia said.

Garcia performed his dance “Experimental Work 2,” which he used to represent Winona State at the American College Dance Festival.

He also performed his dance “Perpendicular,” which was the introduction to this year’s Dancescape performance.

Garcia described the dances as modern, post-modern and animation.

The piece “Attachment” was shown on a screen in video form and was performed by Winona State student, Erika Balagot, simultaneously.

“Depth” was one of the dances performed by students Courtney Harms, Janae Mann and Erica Meier.

The piece “Blank Slate” was shown first as a video on a screen and then performed by dancers Matt Erickson, Wesley Holm, Hannah Ose and Noah Tashner.

The program was ended by Garcia’s piece “31 Months.”

With his Movement Capstone ending, Nicholas Garcia explained the experience.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Garcia said. “The perfect amount of people came for what the space allowed.”