Club refuses compensation for work

Madelyn Swenson, News Editor

Sports Club Council was offered the chance to be paid, but refused the compensation for sake of their sport club teams.

Last year Kate Noelke, director of the Integrated Wellness Complex, offered the sports club council the ability to make the executive positions paid positions. However, the club denied the idea because they wanted that money to be able to compete in the sports they play.

“I made the proposal like I could pay you a lump sum. I got permission from Kathy Melke, who does student employment. They said they would rather have the extra 400 bucks for their sports club budgets to travel and to play,” Noelke said.

Sports Club council is made up of players from the sports club teams on campus, like rugby and the dance team. They are the ones who divide the budget up to each of the teams and do many other organizational aspects for those teams.

As of now, Noelke said that it is hard to have players take on the extra leadership.

“People don’t want that leadership role, they don’t want the extra work. They just want to do the work with their teams,” Noelke said.

Noelke attempted to use the stipend as an incentive for players to step up into the leadership roles offered on sports club council.

For Noelke, advising the sports club council is part of her job whereas for other clubs their advisors volunteer.

“As the advisor it is part of my job whereas other faculty advisors of regular clubs are volunteers. This is because of the investment that the university has made in rec sports. So, this is a small part of my job,” Noelke said. “What happens then is I just end up doing a little bit of the work that in a perfect world I would do with a student run organization.”