Wellness Week continues with relaxing events

Wellness Week continues with relaxing events

McKenna Scherer, Features Reporter

Fall 2018 has brought a brand-new school year for Winona State University, and with it, a new week of events brought to campus by the collaborative effort of Winona’s community and clubs.

Warrior Wellness Week, occurring Oct. 29 -Nov. 3, was designed to promote wellness across Winona State with activities throughout the campus. It is described by the Student Senate as a week to “promote the different dimensions of wellness by having activities and events for a specific dimension each day of the week,” with one day specifically focusing on mental health. “Mental Health Monday is to promote mental health, and there are many events to remind students of the importance of good mental health.”

On Monday alone, there were seven different activities happening throughout the morning and into the day. From 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. there was button making in the library, hosted by Active Minds; from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. “Let’s Chalk About It,” hosted by the Resilience Initiative near the Gazebo; a green ribbons event also by the Gazebo from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., hosted by the Student

Athlete Advisory Committee; and a pinwheels and buttons event at the same time, hosted by the Student Health and Wellness Advocates.

Other events of Wellness Week included all day “Don’t Think, Just Color” in the library hosted by Student Senate, music in the library hosted by the Music Department, and Good Boys for Good Health – also known as “Afternoons with Aiden,” hosted by Student Health and Wellness Advocates.

The Warrior Wellness Week works to fulfill Winona State’s mission to create “a community of learners improving our world,” promoting wellness both physically and mentally, starting with those on campus and spreading to Winona and beyond.

Student senator Nicole Ruhland commented on the activities chosen for the week.

“All of these events are provided by students, for students, to remind each other that we value and care about each other’s mental health,” Ruhland said. “Better mental health builds a better campus atmosphere and ultimately betters the lives of all students. These events provide opportunities to take time to focus on mental health.”

In previous years, Mental Health Monday was a stand-alone event.

The full week of events added onto Mental Health Monday is a step forward in recognizing mental health and general wellbeing.

“I think this type of event is popular because it matters to all students. Health is something that is important to all of us,” Ruhland said.

Every day will have specific themes that cater to the dimensions of wellbeing: Mental Health Monday, Spiritual Health Tuesday, Social Health Thursday, Environmental Health Friday, and Physical Health Saturday.

The additional days of events strengthen both the community on campus and the relationship between the city of Winona and the college, as so many clubs and businesses lend a helping hand to the Wellness Week. Those among the crew include BetterYou, a social wellness platform that is the first of its kind and based out of Winona, the Resilience Initiative on campus, Student Health and Wellness Advocates and many more.

There are posters on campus further promoting the events of the week near Kryzsko Commons entrances, bulletin boards and several other areas. Other events include dodgeball tournaments, a silent auction, lake clean up and sport activities like rock climbing, volleyball, a Kung Fu class and basketball.

“We are about to have a HEALTH of a good time during the Warrior Health Week!” posted Warrior Health Week’s social media.