Senate talks textbook reserve


Nicole Girgen

Winona State Student Senate met on Wednesday, April 17 in the Purple Rooms, one of the main topics discussed was the availability of textbooks for popular general education courses.

Kelly Johnson, News Reporter

Wednesday, April 17, Winona State University’s Student Senate met for their second-to-last meeting of the year.

Senate quickly entered the motions portion of their meeting after taking care of club affairs such as UPAC’s Como Zoo trip on April 27.

The Alliance of Student Organizations (ASO) also addressed the upcoming Student Leadership and Involvement Awards ceremony on April 29 at 4 p.m. in East Room.

Upon entering the motions portion of the meeting, Zaria Smith, chair of the academic affairs committee, proposed a motion that she and the committee had made.

The proposed motion was in regards to the expenses that students have to pay for textbooks, which can become a hindrance on students finances.

The primary portion of the motion read as follows:

“Whereas, studies have shown that high costs of textbooks hinder the academic success of students. Whereas, students are required to take general courses, students need more textbook options and increased access to textbooks through textbook reserves on the Winona State Campus. Therefore, be it resolved, WSUSS and Academic Affairs Committee, in partnership with WSU Foundation and WSU Administration, recommend an increase in the availability of textbooks for the most frequently taken general courses.”

After Smith proposed the motion, the motion reached a passing vote of 100% from senate.

This being done, the motion will be given to the WSU Foundation and Winona State Administration as a highly requested call for action. If these groups agree to the motion, textbooks for the most frequently taken general classes such as ENG 111, HERS 204 and CMST 191 would be purchased for the textbook reserves on campus.

Smith also stated in the meeting that as an attempt to go green on the Winona State campus. Panda Express will be eliminating their plastic bags, and there will be no plastic bags provided by Dining Services. Plastic straws will also be replaced with biodegradable paper straws, with metal straws being sold for those students and faculty who would prefer them.

Student Senate closed their meeting by addressing tuition for students next year.

Student Senate recommended a 0% increase in tuition.

Senate will be returning for one more official meeting on Wednesday, April 24 before closing up for the year.