Student Senate discusses final campus events

Sophia Sailer, Editor-in-Chief

On April 6, Winona State University’s Student Senate met virtually to discuss the last events that will be held this school year.
Audrey Lassegard, a fourth-year marketing major who minors in adventure tourism, works at the Warrior Entertainment Network as the executive director.
Lassegard talked about the upcoming events.
“We have a whole bunch of different events coming up, which is really exciting. One event that I am really excited about is Ryan Niemiller,” Lassegard said.
Ryan Niemiller is a popular comedian who got his start on America’s Got Talent.
The event was performed in the East Room on this past Friday.
“We will also have trivia and bingo events, which will have lots of cool prizes. There are always people who love these classic events,” Lassegard said.
Lassegard also said that free Panda Express at Zane’s in Kryzsko Commons will also be continuing, which is a favorite event from students.
On April 14, also at Zane’s, Starbucks will be giving away free Refresher drinks.

“It is a first come first serve basis, with 150 servings. They are free Strawberry Refreshers that hopefully you can take outside with nice weather,” Lassegard said.
The Warrior Entertainment Network is also giving away wireless headphones. All students have to do is scan a QR code once walking into the building.
The most anticipated event this month is a performance by Lewberger on April 16.
This comedic trio features one of “The Try Guys”, Keith Habersberger.
Other events this month include a crafts event where participants can paint frames, have lemonade, playgrocery bingo and do an escape room operated by community mentors.
Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership, Tracy Rahim, also talked about how to apply to be a part of the homecoming committee for next fall.
“Online applications can be found on the homecoming committee website. It is a quick application, due on April 19. I’ll do some short interviews after that to make my final selections,” Rahim said.
Rahim explained the three open roles students can be hired as on the committee.
“The Social Media Chair is exactly what it sounds like; You will be running the social media accounts (i.e.. Instagram and Facebook) and will be getting information out about events and communicating with students,” Rahim said.
Rahim also explained that the heart of the role is to make students feel welcome and included in the event, even if they are not able to go.
“The Pep Fest Chair will put together the pep fests. Obviously, with COVID-19, we will have to see what regulations we have to abide by. But overall, this chair celebrates the fall sports,” Rahim said.
Rahim said she would encourage the Pep Fest Chair to talk about all sports that are present in the fall, not just Warrior football.
“Lastly, the Medallion Hunt/Spirit Week Co-Chair will be a new role this year. This person will run the medallion hunt and will work closely with the Social Media Chair to put out clues and will be responsible for planning two spirit week events,” Rahim said.
Hannah Harper, a second-year student majoring in communication studies with a leadership and advocacy emphasis and member of Student Senate, talked about her role as Executive Assistant in Winona State’s Student Senate.
Harper said the reason she joined Student Senate was to show students the behind-the-scenes of the college and how policies are made.
“Now that I am involved, I love talking with President Olson and getting involved with the activities. Just being able to have a voice in the upper level of admin,” Harper said.
Harper also said her role gives her further experience as a leader, which will give her leverage, career-wise.
Harper explained how different not only the Student Senate is virtually, but how being a virtal college student overall is.
Next year, Harper said she is excited to go back to ‘normal’.
“I am just really excited to be more involved as a student next year. Once we are able to be in person, clubs and activities will be back to normal,” Harper said.