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Shine or Stink: Ranking WSU bathrooms

Keaton Riebel
September 9th, 2023, Jacob Gifford poses on his favorite throne in Stark Hall reading the last edition of The Winonan. Gifford has a true sense of appreciation for where he chooses to relive himself while on campus. Read to find the hot spots on campus where you should try next time you need to go.

Throughout the days at Winona State University, students go from class to class learning new things. Students also study, frequent the dining hall and maybe play a little ping pong. However, the subject talked about least is using the bathroom. It’s mostly an afterthought, naturally, but it is an integral point in a person’s day. That’s why I have given myself the task to rank a handful of bathrooms on campus, so that you can judge where to spend your special moments throughout your day.

First on the list is Kryzsko Commons. Now, there are many bathrooms across Kryzsko but for my ranking, I am picking the pair that reside near the Jack Kane Dining Hall entrance. These bathrooms are pretty well lit and have a fairly reasonable layout. The one thing to note is the extra sink station inside one of the stalls. This stands out to me because it appeals to those who like some extra privacy. Being in this stall with your own sink gives you your own little moment to have the bathroom experience solely your own. You get to avoid the experience of washing your hands next to another person. Overall, I would rank this bathroom a five out of seven.

Next up is Minne Hall. For this ranking I will be evaluating the first-floor bathrooms, even though they are pretty much the same across the floors. When you walk in, there is a ledge to set drinks or a small handbag. I personally have used this is the past and it is a notable perk that is not common in other bathrooms. The layout of these Minne bathrooms is quite small, but efficient with their space. These first-floor bathrooms are quite busy, so you will be disrupted by many people coming in and out of the bathroom between periods. This can tamper the overall experience due to its ruckus. The Minne bathrooms also have some sort of orange air freshener. Disregarding the smell, the look of the air freshener looks like a cup full of earwax and is an unpleasant sight when I am washing my hands. Overall, I rank the Minne bathrooms a four out of seven.

Up next on the chopping block is the Phelps bathroom. I will be evaluating the second-floor bathrooms. These bathrooms are pretty open in their layout with enough space to do a small yoga session. My favorite part of this bathroom is the large set of windows in the stall. These windows have privacy glass so that people from the outside cannot see in, but you still get the natural light shining through. During the spring, these windows are opened slightly to allow for a nice breeze to come through. The only obscure note for this bathroom is the tilted mirrors. In these bathrooms specifically, the mirrors are tilted slightly down. When I look into these mirrors I feel as though I am in some sort of funhouse, which is not funny at all because I’m just using the bathroom. All in all, I would rank the Phelps bathrooms a six out of seven.

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Finally, we come to the final bathroom, the SLC. I will be evaluating the third-floor bathrooms, which I find superior to all the others in the SLC complex. There are many impressive things to note about this bathroom. Its layout and use of space is incredible. The sinks and stalls/urinals are separated by a large door. This separates both experiences and elevates them due to their separation. The sink section is very large, rivaling all other bathroom space with their sink section alone. There is enough space to comfortably wash your hands without standing to close to another person. The colors going on are also great. Instead of the normal white or beige colors, there is black, white, and gray tiling throughout the bathroom sections. Finally, we need to address the ambient sounds. The sound of the fans in this bathroom is unmatched to any others. The quiet drone of the fans in this bathroom creates a pleasant sound to concentrate while spending your time in this bathroom. Overall, I give the SLC third-floor bathrooms a seven out of seven. Incredible work!

Now that I have ranked these five bathrooms on Winona State campus, I hope you have taken something away. Maybe you read about a new spot on campus you want to get to know, or just have some new knowledge to impress your friends with. Either way, it is so important to not underestimate the power of a good bathroom experience and to find what you value in your land of defecation.

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About the Contributors
Jacob Gifford
Jacob Gifford, Features Writer

Jacob Gifford (They/He) is a photographer and a features writer for the Winonan and started in fall 2023. Jacob is in his third year at Winona State and is studying Psychology with a minor in Philosophy and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies.

Besides working for The Winonan, Jacob is also the Vice president of Philosophy Club at Winona State.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys hanging out with friends, longboarding, playing videogames, and writing and playing music. Jacob also enjoys going to concerts of local bands.

Keaton Riebel
Keaton Riebel, Photo Editor

Keaton Riebel (she/her/hers) is the photo editor and a photographer for the Winonan and started in the spring of 2023. Riebel is currently a third year at Winona State University, graduating spring of 2024 with a major in Creative Digital Media, and minoring in Photography.

In addition to working for The Winonan, Riebel is also a Resident Assistant for the Sheehan Hall but is also involved in other little clubs on campus.

Outside of school, Riebel loves spending time with friends, exploring, going to live music shows, and taking pictures all the while. She enjoys learning new things and trying new activities, especially outdoors. She also appreciates getting into the local communities and finding out how to be a part of the treasures Winona holds.

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