Editor Farewell: Mohammed Islam


Mohammed Islam, Photo Editor

I still remember the day when Morgan and Erin came to my research writing class and gave a short little presentation on the Winonan. Soon after they finished and left the classroom, I rushed out in the middle of the class to ask, “Where do I apply, I want to be a photographer!” I did not own a camera, nor did I have any prior experience. I said to myself: “I will figure it out if they like my photos,” and I am here 3 years later writing my editor departure note. And everything that happened in between is pure bliss.

I have always prioritized people and relationships, and the Winonan was a place where I got to forge some of the best friendships during my time at Winona State. I can fill up the whole Features section of the paper if I start writing about all the wonderful people of the Winonan, but sadly, I don’t have that luxury. But my farewell note would be incomplete if I don’t talk about my friends from the Winonan. I was one of the few lucky people to have worked with four Editor-in-Chiefs starting with Zach, and then Mitchell, Morgan, and McKenna who followed. While there is no doubt each one of them are incredible journalists, they also turned out to be few of the closest people I have met in Winona. Not to mention the current Editorial Staff, Gabriel, Sophie, Heidi, and Syerah, you guys are a talented bunch and will continue to uphold the standard of the Winonan which everyone loves reading.

Joe, thank you for the dedication you’ve shown for the Winonan in such a short time, I know you will be incredible as the next photo editor, and you will always have my support.

McKenna, where do I start, mate? Thank you for being patient with me and a wonderful friend. I can’t wait to find what the future has in store for you. You were an awesome Editor-in-Chief and it’s fun that we both are graduating together. To tell you I would miss you after this would be an understatement, but I hope you will continue to pop up when I have something crazy to share.

To all the current, future, and past photographers and writers…Thank you for all you do. You all are the reason the Winonan is truly one of the best organizations on campus and I am so happy you are a part of it.

I never imagined myself getting this deeply involved with Journalism being an Engineering major. The Winonan was a place of comfort and trust where I was always comfortable to share my stories. Editing nights are one of the few things I used to look forward in my week with lots of cracking jokes. As I am nearing to my closing statement, I am having glimpses from the past; Maddy’s never ending wheezing, Morgan’s poop threat, Mitchell’s childhood poster, Sydney’s softball hype, Ren’s car breakdown, Gabriel’s songs, Sophie’s heartwarming laughs, McKenna’s editing night spicy stories and a lot more… These are the treasures I want to leave the Winonan with.

Goodbyes are something I have always struggled with, but it doesn’t always have to be gloomy. With hope, beautiful wishes, and prayers, I depart.