Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Eric Shultz

To the Editor:

I am proud to be voting for Sarah Kruger for Minnesota’s 28th District Senate seat. I am 100 percent behind Kruger because she grew up in Winona and is a strong advocate for affordable education, health care, and making sure everyone’s voice matters. 


Kruger has my vote because she is willing to fight for students. She knows that students should not graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. She wants to uphold the state’s promise of funding two-thirds of the cost of higher education. Jeremy Miller says he supports that goal, but he has not shown the leadership to accomplish it. I think ten years is enough time to make a difference. 


Miller says he works with both parties, but does he really? He couldn’t even support replacing Winona State University’s Watkins and Gildemeister buildings until it was included in a Republican bill. When a Democrat tried to add the Winona State project to a Republican bonding bill, Miller argued that his own constituents at Winona State didn’t want it (May 16, 2020 Senate Capital Investment Committee Video). That was undoubtedly a surprise to the administration, faculty, staff, and students that had actively supported the project.  


Amazingly, Miller then supported the project when the Republicans added it to their bonding bill. We now know which constituents Senator Miller was listening to. He is led by his party, not by his district.


Sarah Kruger is somebody that we can trust. 


Eric Schulz, Junior