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Winona State Softball blows away competition

Lyla Meyer
The Winona State women’s softball team faced Bemidji State University on April 6th at Maynard R. Johnson field.

The Winona State women’s softball team faced Bemidji State University on April 6th at Maynard R. Johnson field. The Warriors went into these games with a record of 22-14. Most of their double headers so far have resulted in a win and a loss, making it even more impressive that they managed to snag a double win this time around with a score of 7-1 for the first game, and 10-4 for the second. 

The first game took a slow start with the first inning ending with no runs, errors, or people left on the bases and the Warriors maintained a tough defense, leaving the Beavers at zero to start. 

Warrior number 14, Kiley Slaats achieved the first hit of the game, making it to the first and second bases. Unfortunately, Slaats was unable to make it to home base by the end of the inning but began a streak of good luck for her team, nonetheless.  

At end of the inning, the Beavers had thrown four balls, allowing Corinna Loshek to walk to first base but a strikeout resulted in another inning ended with no points on the board but a tense game heading into the third inning.  

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“It’s a fun environment especially knowing people on the field,” Warrior fan Abigail Savatski said from the stands.  

It had been a pitching duel between the two schools with the score still at 0-0. The Warriors continued to get their players onto the bases but struggled to send them home.  

At the top of the second inning, Winona State had three girls on the plates. Teaghen Amwoza was able to score the first point of the game after a walk from Ashlee Chantos. Another run was made by Alyssa Woelfel who made it home, followed soon after by Logan Anderson, Chantos, and Savannah Serdynski. 

The incredible play from Winona State finished off the second inning. The third inning remained at a standstill with no runs made, keeping the score at 5-0 with the Warriors in the lead.  

“We had a lot of nice balls, and we were sitting well on the change up from the first pitcher,” Number 16, Macy Brodin said. “They switched her out and then we were pretty consistent up at the plate.”  

It was in the fourth inning that the Beavers kicked their offensive plays into gear and allowed one of their players, Jacqueline Larsen, to make it to home base, bumping the score up to 5-1.  

Still, the Warriors remained consistent in their defensive tactics to keep Bemidji State at bay and advance their own score at the end of the fifth inning when Woelfel made another excellent run to tally another point for her team. 

The sixth and final inning felt brief with very little runs, errors, or people moving onto the bases. Winona State, with a persistent desire to further their lead, managed another run by Carly Engelhardt to finish the game 7-1.  

The Warriors continued to play hard in their second game of the day.  Making an intense comeback after the Beavers took a quick lead in the first inning, Winona State supported one another, kept their opponent from scoring with consistent defense, and pushed through for ten successful runs. Overall, they rounded off their weekend with another well-earned win with a final score of 10-4.  

The Winona State softball team will take to the road for back-to-back games on April 13 against the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. 

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About the Contributor
Lyla Meyer
Lyla Meyer, Sports Reporter

Lyla Meyer (she, her, hers) is a sports reporter and photographer for The Winonan and started in the spring of 2023. She is currently a freshman at Winona State University and majoring in Communications with a minor in English.

Outside of the Winonan, Lyla enjoys reading romance and fantasy books, going thrifting, listening to music (which she likes indie rock), and singing in the concert choir here at Winona State University. She also loves spending time with her family and friends, working at Maurices in Winona, and playing volleyball.

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