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Half of Winona Mall Staying

Karalyn Kolstad
Winona Mall entrance.

While the northwest part of the mall was sold to Hiawatha Valley Education District (HVED), a special education collaboration comprised of schools in Southeast Minnesota, the southeastern part of the mall near Vila Street will be staying. The news comes after the purchase agreement between HVED and the mall’s previous owner, John Alexander, went through and thus some businesses entered a limbo, unsure of when they would have to leave.

That’s not the case for the businesses on the southeastern side of the mall though. Stacy Hermann owns Second Chances Properties LLC and bought the southeastern part of the mall a little over a year ago. Across the street from Gunderson Health, Hermann owns the spaces where Spectrum, Kidsport, and Mattresses & More sit, and owns Iron Bluff Fitness and Vintage Glam & Gifts herself. Winona County’s Department of Motor Vehicles is set to move to a spot that Hermann owns, and there will be an additional spot open for future businesses next to Spectrum, Hermann says.

“We’re excited because the school is going to invest in their property. And not only will it look nice, but it’ll be also appealing to people to come to the other side,” Hermann said. “We’re hoping for the staff from the school, and the parents and things like that to help actually increase our business in our locations.”

When asked about whether people in a smaller town such as Winona are going online shopping or staying with in person, Hermann describes that people are eager to be out and about.

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“I feel like people since covid, really, really want to get out. And so, they want to not only [shop with] the local businesses so that we can stay but they love to be able to touch, feel, look at what they’re getting, instead of getting something online and then sending it back because they’re disappointed,” Hermann said.

This comes as the Statista Research Department shows that over 80% of the United States population shops online. The Winona Post reports that the goal for the new HVED building is to open for the beginning of the 2025-26 school year. This changes from HVED’s initial goal of opening for the beginning of the 2024-25 school year. The Winona Post further reports that HVEDs Executive Director, Debra Marcotte, said there were delays while the city and state confirmed the property as a fitting location.

“So, while part of the mall will be closed and businesses will have to find new places, several businesses will remain open. I just want to make sure that it’s super clear that this side is staying and going to service Winona,” Hermann said.

Hermann continues to explain that it takes residents of Winona as well to come together for a new beginning.

“We’re looking for the support of Winona in the community as well, and that we’re just going to work alongside the school. I think it’s going to be the best of both worlds,” Hermann said.

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Dana Walker
Dana Walker, News Reporter
Dana Walker is an incoming news reporter for the Winonan as of Spring 2024. They are a second-year Applied and Professional Writing major, with minors in Music: BA and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Don’t ask what they’re planning to do with that amalgamation of degrees, because they don’t know either! Dana also plays string bass in the WSU orchestra (and occasionally band), and has served as the orchestra’s music librarian since Spring 2023. In their freetime, Dana enjoys playing video games such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Civilization 6, baking, reading fantasy novels, knitting, and hanging out with their friends and fiend of a cat, Vinny. Currently Dana is working on a mini research project, and saving up for their eventual trip to Japan. Neither is going splendidly, but at least there’s self-awareness.
Karalyn Kolstad
Karalyn Kolstad, Photographer
Karalyn Kolstad (she/her/hers) is a photographer for The Winonan. This is Karalyn's first semester with The Winonan. She is a third-year student at Winona State University majoring in Medical Laboratory Science. She is also the secretary of the Biology Club on campus. Outside of school, Karalyn enjoys hanging out with friends and family, watching movies and reading. 

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