Editor Farewell: Gabriel Hathaway


Joseph Eichele

Smiling brightly, Gabriel Hathaway says goodbye to The Winonan.

Gabriel Hathaway, Editor-In-Chief

When I first joined the Winonan it was Fall 2020 and everything was online then. I think this is part of the reason I fell so hard for The Winonan and journalism, it gave me an outlet to connect with Winona State and especially the broader Winona community. A lot of my first stories were about Winona: Chapter 2, the poetry walk downtown, Aldi’s opening, Bloedow’s, The Winonan allowed me to be involved and explore the community and fall in love with it. For that reason, and many more, I am so appreciative of the time I have had at The Winona through my various positions, features reporter, copy editor, features editor and finally editor-in-chief. I never expected to have spent so much of my college career on a student newspaper, but looking back, I can’t see myself spending it any other way. 

Of course, my time here would not have been nearly as special without the wonderful friends I made through The Winonan. Sophie, you are such a bubbly person and also so passionate. I am excited to see what you will do with The Winonan next year as editor-in-chief. Heidi, keep on being your goofy self, you bring such a great energy to all the meetings you are a part of. Syerah, I have been really impressed by your confidence and vision; you have done a great job handling the sports section. Joe, thank you for your humor and expertise; you have been a great friend and colleague. I cannot wait to see what you all go on to do, I know it will be great. And to the rest of the staff, thank you for such a great year, it has been a joy getting to know you all. 

I also want to thank Tracy and Doug for being the best advisors a person could ask for. Tracy, your genuine care and attention to detail was so helpful. I know you have probably received countless thank you’s over the years but here is one from me, thank you for everything. Doug, your humor and sharp insight was always of great benefit. Thank you for helping us grow as writers and as a publication this year. 

I am sad to say goodbye but excited for the next chapter of my life. The Winonan ignited my passion for journalism and the Winona community so I am excited to continue that as a reporter at the Winona Post. I am thankful for all the experiences I had, all the people I met and all the time I spent with The Winonan. Thank you for three years, it truly was a special time.  

Stay curious, stay bold, stay human. Thank you and farewell. 


Gabriel Hathaway