Graduating editor: a final goodbye

Graduating editor: a final goodbye

Morghan Lemmenes, Features Editor

Two and a half years ago, I sent an email, trying to find a job as a reporter. I talked to various people and sent in writing samples before finally receiving an interview. It was the world’s most awkward interview of all times (no really it was), and I thought it went extremely bad. Around an hour later, my phone dinged with an email. That was the email that changed my life.

Throughout my first semester at Winona State, I knew I wanted to try to get involved, unlike my past self did. The reporting job allowed me to expand my horizons and talk to people I never would have had the chance to meet. It brought me out of my comfort zone and added a new perspective on writing. I learned to grow with my writing and become more confident in it. And I owe it all to Zach Bailey.

From that awkward interview two and a half years ago, I never thought I would become the features editor or would become friends with my first editor. But, it happened. Zach, you were able to watch me grow and helped me become the person I am today, and I cannot thank you enough for starting one of the best chapters of my life. I also got to watch you grow from being a first-time features editor to not only being editor-in-chief, but also the president of your fraternity. From these experiences, I know you will go far, and I cannot wait to see where your life will take you.

Maddie, Erin, Nikki and Mitchell, you all are amazing human beings filled with a lot of talent. I am extremely sad to leave the office that you four always fill with laughter and joy. Maddie, Erin and Mitchell, your writing is incredible, and it keeps improving every week. Nikki, your photo skills are amazing, but like the others, they are improving every week. And every week, I was able to witness you improving your skills as an editor and this staff is so lucky to have you because it would be a different story if you all weren’t here. I am so glad I gained you all as friends and I cannot wait to see where your life will take you.

To my staff, I was able to watch your writing improve week to week. Even though there were some tough times, I am extremely grateful to have you as my writing staff. You all made my job enjoyable and I am glad that I was able to meet you all. Also, you all have helped me improve my skills as an editor and I hope that I was able to help change your life, the way Zach changed mine.

Sydney, you are going to be an amazing features editor. You are a joy to have on the Winonan staff and will bring that joy into the office. You will add so much more to the editing staff and will help improve the Winonan even more. You are growing into a wonderful human being and I cannot wait to see where life will take you.

I am so grateful for the opportunities the Winonan has provided for me and I am sad to leave it all behind. However, the next chapter of my life is starting, and I have the Winonan to thank for helping me with an internship in London. The next adventure is waiting to begin for me and for everyone on staff.