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Kaylee Beyer: An athlete who will be remembered

Photo by Mason Rebarchek
Kaylee Beyer hopes to leave with the younger members of her team the possibility to reach for the stars both athletically and academically.

Beginning in elementary school, Kaylee Beyer dipped her feet into the running community and decided that it was a long-term journey. Now, with several years of experience under her belt, she has found a home among her team at Winona State University.

From Mukwonago, Wis., Beyer had quite the active childhood, spending time outdoors Nordic skiing and hiking and participating in sports such as swimming and soccer.

Beyer is majoring in Composite Materials Engineering and Materials Chemistry, the unique program being one of the most impactful aspects of Winona State that originally attracted her for enrollment. The scenic community and of course, the Track and Field team and Cross-Country teams were also large factors in her attendance.

Throughout her five years as a Warrior, running has provided her with several achievements to create lasting memories.

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“Being a part of the track and field and cross-country team has provided me with many great memories,” she said. “Like taking fourth as a team at NCAA outdoor track and field Nationals, and fifth as a team at NCAA cross country Nationals last fall.”

Though, it isn’t just her performance that has made her time on the teams enjoyable.

Head coach of the cross-country team and assistant track coach John Hibshman has given Beyer guidance that she uses both in her sport but also to grow as a person. He has been her coach since her first year and has since allowed her to help create a team culture that she hopes he is the center of.

“He doesn’t give himself much credit for what he has contributed to at WSU,” Beyer said. “But without him, we would have the loving and fun team we have.”

Her teammates have also contributed to her growth as a person, teaching her something new every season. Lindsay Cunningham, for example, has taught her the power of consistency and to believe in herself.

“Without her I would have never changed my belief that I was only an 800 and mile runner, now I can confidently run the 3k, 5k, and 6k,” Beyer said. “I’ll leave the 10k to her though!”

Beyer’s personal growth has improved significantly on her own accord as well. Previously having struggled with severe nerves before races, so much so that it affected her mental abilities to perform at the desired level, she reached out to the sports psychologist offered on campus and has since adopted several useful tools to assure she can both manage her nerves and perform to the very best of her abilities.

Her goals for the remaining season consist of staying healthy, learning to improve after every race, continue pushing herself, and just to have fun doing what she loves. An overarching goal for the events she participates in is to earn a national title, in which her opportunities are expansive as she adopts the mindset to participate in more than just the typical 1k or mile run.

“Kaylee is someone who will not shut down if she doesn’t get the result or time she wants but takes that and uses it to fire herself up to improve next time,” said fellow runner Hanna Reichenberger. “It’s a great leadership skill that I hope other girls can learn from her. Because of all of this, she has become one of the best athletes here at Winona State.”

Beyer’s positive mindset and can-do attitude have inspired her teammates, but she anticipates that, as is similar to the last several years of her life, she has room for improvement that she is more than willing to make.

She hopes to leave with the younger members of her team the possibility to reach for the stars both athletically and academically.

“I hope to teach them that you can be as unstoppable as you want,” Beyer said. “Never cut yourself short of what you are capable of.”

She has certainly left her mark on Winona State and strongly believes that the newfound family she has created with her team will do the same.

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About the Contributor
Kailey Doeseckle
Kailey Doeseckle, Sports Editor

Kailey Doeseckle (she/her/hers) is the Sports Editor for the Winonan as of fall 2023. Doeseckle is currently in her third year at Winona State University, majoring in Criminal Justice: Corrections and Justice Services with a minor in Psychology.

In addition to working for the Winonan, Doeseckle is also a part of the Wenonah Players club. She participates in their theatre productions as both an actress and a crew member.

Outside of university, Doeseckle loves to spend time with her roommates binge-watching their favorite shows, dancing to music, and singing quite off-key to musicals.  She also enjoys watching movies, creative writing, and board games. Doeseckle also loves meaningless drives to blast all her favorite songs, and spending lots of time outside in fall weather.

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