Winona hosts sports medicine conference


Nicole Girgen

Undergraduate and graduate students from Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota attended the Northland American College of Sports Medicine fall conference on Oct. 3 – 4 in East Room. The conference included presentations, exhibits and meet and greets with experts in different medical fields related to sports medicine.

Kristin Kovalsky, News Reporter

Winona State University hosted the Northland American College of Sports Medicine fall conference on Oct. 3 – 4.

The conference was attended by undergraduate and graduate students in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Day one of the conference was centered around Exercise is Medicine on campus (EIMOC), while the second day of the conference focused on different methods of exercise training.

EIMOC is a program from ACSM that encourages universities and colleges to promote physical activity.

Speakers for the conference included professionals such as physical trainers, medical doctors, chiropractors, etc.

Erin White, associate professor in the health, exercise and rehabilitative sciences program, said a new section of the conference started this year.

“At the conference this year, there was a meet the expert session for the first time,” White said. “Students had the opportunity to meet with professionals in a small group to ask questions at a deeper level and get more explanations than they would have from presentations.”

The conference benefited more than just the students who attended.

“For faculty, [they learned] about different training methods, what they can bring back to the classroom and how that might alter what they suggest [for clients] or how they might teach based on current recommendations,” White said.

The conference gave students the opportunity to network with members of the exercise science field and expand their education.

Katie Hanson, senior exercise science major, said her experience with the conference was amazing.

“I’ve been always pretty excited and looking forward to going into that field and helping people reach their goals. [After what was covered in] the meetings I’m so much more excited to start implementing the things we learned and actually be able to use this experience in my field, and let people know the science behind it,” Hanson said.

ACSM focuses on continuing the education of those in the field.

“That’s what this whole ACSM thing is for, to continue education,” Hanson said. “It’s never done, which scares a lot of people, but people in this field get really excited about that.”