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Phillip Phillips to headline at spring concert

Suzan Muhanna/Winonan

Phillip Phillips will perform at the annual spring concert this April, announced the University Programming Activities Committee at Winona State University.

Phillips, American Idol’s season 11 winner, released his album “The World From the Side of the Moon” in November. The album features his hit single, “Home.”

“Churchill,” the alternative band from Denver, Colorado, will open for Phillip Phillips.

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The spring concert band selection is generally a hot topic on campus, and this year was no exception.

First-year student Maddie Milliren said, “I’m actually shocked he [Phillip Phillips] is coming here and I think he will bring a lot of excitement to Winona.”

Other students were disappointed. Kristen Adams said, “I think it is ridiculous that the school can’t provide a more well-known artist considering what we pay each year.”

Funding is a major concern in the spring concert event.

Danielle Stone, UPAC concert director, said, “One thing many students don’t realize is the cost of running a spring concert. Only about half of the budget can be used to pay for the artist. The other half is needed to cover other areas of the concert such as production, security and PR just to name a few.”

However, UPAC has a track record in up-and-coming artists. Sophomore Alison Cholla said, “Bands who have performed here in the past become big later on.”

UPAC, along with Tracy Rahim, the associate director of student activities, and Joe Reed, the student activities director, works to bring artists who are on the verge of success, said Rahim. These artists tend to be popular and within budget.

The selection process is lengthy. The process usually begins during the first month of school. “It’s a long process that involves compiling a large list with the help of our agent from Event Resources Presents,” Stone said.

A shorter list is usually provided to the entire UPAC group right before Thanksgiving break, Stone said.

“UPAC cannot pick an artist who is touring. From there, the concert committee narrows down the list then proceeds to present to the entire UPAC group who then narrow it down further to about 5 picks, give or take,” Stone said.

UPAC does not release that list of options to the Winona State community. However, Reed said “The Band Perry, Nelly and Sugar Ray all performed at spring concerts.”

The spring concert will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the McCown Gymnasium. Tickets will only be available to Winona State students for $10 starting March 4. The public, including faculty, will be allowed to purchase tickets for $15 later.

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