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Student Senate adds inclusion and diversity committee

Jordan Gerard/Winonan

Students who feel excluded on campus can seek guidance and assistance from the new Student Senate committee for inclusion and diversity.

Freshman senator Christopher Veeder created the committee after talking to his fellow senators and realizing many students did not feel welcome or safe on campus.

The new committee will focus on addressing inclusion and diversity issues including culture, religion, gender and sexuality on campus. They will also focus on making the campus safe for underrepresented—and all—students.

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“Our goal is to find ways to make sure all students feel that their values and ideas contribute to the university’s community,” Veeder said as chair of the new committee.

This is the first inclusion and diversity committee to be formed as a part of Student Senate.

“I am very proud that Student Senate took this step in addressing the issues of inclusion and diversity we have on campus,” Veeder said. “I believe that Winona State University should be a place that everyone feels welcome and safe, regardless of race, gender or sexuality.”

Veeder said he realizes that it will be a tough task, but with creativity and hard work, the committee will make Winona State a more inclusive and safer campus for all students. He also hopes the committee will be open and members can have an equal opportunity to voice their opinions.

Veeder is not the only one who noticed a lack of support for students who feel excluded. Alex Paulson, a junior English major, said he’s witnessed exclusion and alienation on campus too.

“I’ve witnessed defacement of personal items with hateful messages,” Paulson said. “I have also witnessed heckling and microaggression.”

Paulson said that through positive public policies and proactive education, Winona State can reduce discrimination incidents and create a welcoming environment.

For students who feel they have been excluded or discriminated against, Veeder said the best thing that they can do is to tell someone and report it.

It seems like a daunting task, Veeder said, but he believes there is no other option.

“We certainly can no longer continue to allow students…to be harassed,” Veeder said.


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