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Senate elections heat up

Benjamin Strand/ Winonan

Campaign season has begun for the Student Senate at Winona State University with hopeful candidates looking to serve as the voice of students.

The student body organization who represents the student population will see some new faces looking to make a difference beginning next school year.

The senate’s current public relations director, Adam Grinsell, said he believes Student Senate is a great way to get involved.

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“It’s a great way to make your voice heard,” Grinsell said. “We have the power to make your Winona State University dreams come true.”

Grinsell, a senior advertising major, said serving on Student Senate has been an awesome experience.

“Every day it’s a blast,” Grinsell said. “Take yourself seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Current president and fifth-year movement science major, Timothy Comes, said it is really important to make your name and face known when campaigning.

“The biggest thing is Facebook and social networking,” Comes said. “But it is also important to shake hands, talk to clubs and talk with people face-to-face.”

Comes said those running should make sure they know who they really are and that they are running because they want to help the university.

Grinsell said being well known on campus is a good benefit to have.

“You can’t just have all flash, no substance,” Grinsell said. “You need to be well known on campus, otherwise campaigning will be your main job.”

Junior Jessica Hepinstall, a history major running for president, said campaigning can be fun, but it is not always the best.

“School is a huge thing and being able to balance everything is hard,” Hepinstall said, “but campaigning can be a great experience if you don’t have too much going on.”

When she started her campaign, Hepinstall began with focus on friends and familiar faces. She said her focus broadened after a while.

“I realized I would have to expand my focus, and I started talking to anyone who would to listen.” Hepinstall said.

Erica Stiller, a junior running for Senate Treasurer, has even used monetary investments to promote her campaign.

“Adam [Grinsell] gave me the idea to use Facebook ads to promote my campaign page for a small fee,” Stiller said.

“As chair for the Public Relations committee, he uses Facebook ads and other social media promotions for Student Senate,” Stiller said.

Stiller said she hopes to get more advanced leadership and business experience she can use in future careers if she is elected to the treasurer position.

“I love WSU and want to serve our campus more,” Stiller said.

“I’d love to enrich the experience I have had with students by working directly with clubs and representing students on campus finance matters.”


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