The saneness of INSANITY


Christian Sopkowiak/ Winonan

INSANITY has a name that may deter many away from its benefits. The word insanity, mixed with a workout routine, can make participants think they are going to dive into an Olympian-type work out.

Jake Edwards, a Winona State senior and INSANITY instructor for the past two years, said, “I think a lot of people think you actually are insane to do INSANITY, but really you just work to the highest level you can go, which varies for everyone throughout the session.”

While the workout is tough, it is not insane. Edwards sees the workout as a way to work at a maximum level of energy.

“INSANITY is a cardio-based total-body conditioning program that is based on max interval training. This type of training avoids working at one level of exertion, and forces your body to adapt,” Edwards said.

The workout is about getting the body to the ultimate level of energy and keeping it there. Edward’s job is to motivate and ensure the safety of INSANITY participants.

Kim Doll, a Winona State student who is a new INSANITY instructor this year, sees INSANITY as a different kind of workout and believes in the benefits of the program.

“I teach INSANITY, and I am there to motivate the people, to keep them going and to get them fit,” Doll said.

The sessions provided at Winona State University take place right across from the weight room in the IWC with Doll conducting classes on Monday and Thursday nights and Edwards instructing on Tuesday nights.

Doll said the workout begins with a vigorous ten-minute warm up. Then the participants stretch and go right into a circuit. Doll explained there are three circuits involving four different moves for thirty seconds, each for a total of two minutes. After each circuit, participants get a thirty second break and then the circuits keep going.

Doll said INSANITY used to be a DVD program, like P90X, but it has now transitioned into a fitness class.

To become an INSANITY instructor, Edwards and Doll had to take a class and perform a two-minute audition. After being chosen they had to go through additional training.

As an INSANITY instructor, Edwards sees many positives. He said he appreciates the facility they are allowed to use and also enjoys seeing the progress of his students.

“My other favorite thing has to be seeing the improvement of the regulars who come in weekly,” Edwards said. “Seeing their level of fitness grow week by week is extremely satisfying as a trainer.”

Doll agreed. She said she taught a guy who has lost thirty pounds since entering her class this semester.

Even with a name like INSANITY, the instructors struggled to find any negatives associated with the job.

“My least favorite part of the class has to be the amount of laundry I have to do because of it. You work up a good sweat during the class, so you don’t leave thinking you can wear the shirt again for the next workout,“ Edwards said.

The amount of time associated with the job can also provide a challenge.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find time to make routines and teach it. But nothing about the job is hard, I love it,” Doll said.

Both instructors said they encourage everyone to come try the hourlong routine on Monday or Tuesday night at 7 p.m. and Thursday night at 5 p.m.