Art exhibit showcases faculty talent

Allison Mueller

Emily Dean/ Winonan

The art faculty of Winona State University kicked off the new school year with the long-standing tradition of presenting their artwork in the Watkins Art Gallery.

Every year members of the art faculty get the chance to showcase their recent studio work for the Winona State community.

Gallery coordinator and professor of mass communication Roger Boulay said the exhibit allows members of the art department to show students who they really are.

“A piece of work always contains a part of the artists, and it’s important to show students that we are more than just educators,” Boulay said.

Faculty members are asked to exhibit work they have recently been working on to show students and other faculty what they have been doing in their field.

Boulay expressed his fondness for the show and said the gallery is a great way for the faculty to get connected for the new school year.

“The fun thing about doing group shows is being able to bring different artists together and seeing the different work produced,” Boulay said.

As an artist himself, Boulay talked about his own work in the show and said he was inspired by literature and the disappearance in written media.

“I’m interested in reading and was inspired by the changing culture around us,” Boulay said.

Boulay explains how it is refreshing to see professors’ artwork in a gallery to prove to students that they “practice what they preach.”

Although there is no official theme to the exhibit, Boulay makes connections to all of their art. A lot of the artists use cardboard in their pieces and there is a reoccurrence in similar colors.

Along with colors and medium, Seho Park, a professor in the art department, commented on the similar theme of nature throughout the exhibit.

“I have always had an interest in nature. Nature teaches us how to see art, and art teaches us how to see nature,” Park said, “We transfer how we feel about nature into our production.”

Park said the show is always an event he enjoys being a part of. He looks forward to showing students a part of his personality they do not often see and encourages non-art majors to check out the show as well.

“Art can be inspiring for many different people,” Park said.

The exhibits featured at the Watkins Art Gallery are free for students. Park said it is important to spend as much time as you can in the gallery.

“Don’t feel uncomfortable or intimidated, you can see new things, and it’s free,” Park said.

The next exhibition to be featured at the Watkins Art Gallery is an exhibition entitled “How to Disappear.”  The show begins Sept. 14th and ends Oct. 3rd.