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In the peanut gallery…

Each week sports reporters Matthew Lambert and Eric Schroeder will face off on a hot topic in sports. The world of sports is changing quickly and constantly, but we want to slow it down and take a better look at the juiciest gossip, scandal, rumor or issue that is making headlines this week. Lambert and Schroeder will take different sides and battle it out, telling you why you they are right.

This week’s topic: Florida State University

After a struggle to win against Clemson, Florida State University remains No. 1 in the nation. In the Clemson vs. Florida State game, Sean Maguire took over for Heisman winner Jameis Winston after Winston yelled an offensive phrase in Florida State’s student union area and suffered a one-game suspension. This issue aside, will Florida State repeat as national champions or will someone else rise up to claim number one? How big of a deal was this game in the grand scheme of things? Let’s talk about it…    (Recap by  Matthew Lambert, Eric Schroeder and Allison Mueller)


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While still a dangerous team, Florida State University will not repeat as national champions.

Jameis Winston is arguably the best quarterback on the field this college season, but his immaturity is starting to catch up to his team and him.

His stunt in the student union led to a one-game suspension and almost lost Florida State the shot at the Bowl Championship Series playoff.

Without their star quarterback they really are not that good and even with him, this team struggled to beat Oklahoma State in the first game of the season.

Is that to say they won’t make the playoffs?

Not at all, this is by far one of the best teams in the nation, but they are not good enough to beat two of the best teams in the country to win the national championship.

There are two not-so-clear favorites to make it to this year’s championship game: Oklahoma and Oregon. Both teams are in the Atlantic Coast Conference and power five conferences, while Florida State is probably in the second weakest power five conference this year.

Oregon will again go through a gauntlet facing UCLA, Stanford and Washington.

Oklahoma, in the Big 12 Conference, gets match ups with Texas, Oklahoma State and Baylor. Both teams will come through proven and hungry for a national title.

To round out the playoff system, look to see Florida State and Alabama. Alabama is the perennial power that just cannot seem to go away, but this year they just don’t quite have what it takes to win it all. They, like Florida State, are just not as well rounded as they were last year.

No matter what, the rest of this college football season will be sure to be thrilling as upsets continue and schools like Brigham Young University will try and upset the balance of the power five conferences controlling the playoff.



Did you really think Florida State University would lose? Even with the backup quarterback Sean Maguire in, they still won. It wasn’t pretty, but they got the job done.

To convince you even more of Florida State’s likelihood of repeating as champions, there’s the schedule. For the rest of the year, the will only play one more ranked team: Notre Dame, but they play at home. The only team that I could see causing a problem for Florida State is the University of Miami in November when they play in Miami, but let’s be real, they will win.

They have Jameis Winston, the best player in college football. “Famous Jameis” will be back for the Seminoles, and he probably learned his lesson after saying, well, you know what he said.

In addition, there’s the strength of schedule.

Head coach of the Florida State football program, Jimbo Fisher, is no slouch at coaching. Plus, Florida State will run the Atlantic Coast Conference, since Clemson, Louisville and Virginia Tech aren’t playing very well.

Who are the threats to Florida State outside of the ACC? The usual suspects: Oregon, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma.

I can easily pick these teams apart in only a few sentences. Oklahoma and Oregon always fall apart late in the season to teams they should beat Auburn and Alabama will end up beating each other up enough in the Iron Bowl and I don’t trust Kenny “Trill” Hill to fully encompass the aurora of Johnny Manziel. Plus, do you really trust Hill in a big, winner take all situation?

There is only one quarterback who can win it all: The “Crab Man” himself – Jameis Winston.

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