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Homecoming activities drew students on campus for free goodies

Samantha Beck/ Winonan

From free bingo nights to concerts, University Programming Activities Committee (UPAC) provided many options for students during homecoming week.

UPAC gathered Spin Magic, musician Prof and Heath Hyche for a comedy show while the improving of Winona State’s campus went undetected by most students.

UPAC’s director of special events on-campus and psychology major at Winona State, Brooke Maher said, “We try to bring on events especially for homecoming week.”

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One of UPAC’s events was Spin Magic. Located at the Gazebo on Wednesday, there was a constant line of students waiting for the free drawstring bags or records painted with bright colors and brilliant patterns. Since there were no classes, Maher thought students should still be welcomed to campus for a fun activity.

Mather said, “I went to a conference and signed a contract with Spin Magic for them to come here for Homecoming. It has been a success so far.”

As the director of special events on campus, there are a lot of duties and responsibilities she said. Maher has been known to coordinate free movie nights, grocery bingo nights and bring agents like comedians and other entertainers to campus.

Spin Magic’s merchandise was free and, for freshmen Jessica Hendricks and Makensie Kincade, they said it was an enjoyable way to spend their University Improvement Day at the Gazebo.

“I love it,” Hendricks said, holding her painted record. “It’s a free day, thank God, and the record was free.”

Hendricks said she planned on attending Spin Magic since she saw it on Sheehan Hall’s dormitory post board of events.

“I’d definitely come to more events UPAC puts on.  So far this year, they have been fun,” Hendrick said, smiling.

Kincade said she agreed with Hendrick.

“I got a drawstring bag, because I’d use that more than the record,” Kincade said.

Despite the free label of the merchandise, students do pay for Spin Magic’s merchandise, as well as all of the other activities UPAC hosts throughout the year, with their tuition.  Sometimes, students pay twice: once through tuition and again for tickets.

For three hours, the line in front of Spin Magic was constantly long. UPAC members greeted and invited all passersby to the event. The crowd around the Gazebo was satisfying to see, Maher said.

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