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Dear Elizabeth,

I’m a freshman, and I am still having trouble finding that solid group of friends. It is already second semester. I feel like it may be too late. How can I fix this?

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Sincerely, a friendless freshman


Dear Friendless Freshman,

Have no worries, there is still plenty of time to meet new people. I had the same issue my freshman year, because I spent most of first semester trying to navigate the college lifestyle instead of getting myself out there and meeting new people.

I would start simple with the people that live on your floor or your neighbors.  If it’s dinnertime and you’re ready to go, ask around to see if anyone wants to join you. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is a good start. Just remember to be friendly and put yourself out there. It’s also a good idea to have your room door open, just in case someone may want to stop in for a conversation.  Some of the best friends that I made from second semester of freshman year lived on my floor.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can spark up a conversation with someone in class. Ask them what they think about the assignments or if they’ve started that research paper yet. Those questions may sound boring, but they’re nice ways to start a conversation.

Another way to get yourself out there would be to join some groups. Colleges have groups for every type of hobby that you can think of. I’m sure there is a group that is circulated around at least one thing you are interested in.  If you are still having a hard time meeting people next semester, go to the club fair at the beginning of the year. Clubs are always looking for new members.

The important thing to remember is that you have to be proactive. It’s hard to make friends while you’re sitting in your room wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets. It may take a while, and it will be awkward at first. Once you know you have found that good group of friends, you’ll realize that the work has paid off.

You should also know that while you are on this quest to find friends, it is important that you are still comfortable just hanging around by yourself.

So, friendless freshman, the best advice I can give you on your concerns is to be friendly, get out there in the middle of things and start socializing.


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