In the know with Student Senate

Allison Mueller

A weekly update of the Student Senate meetings

Ben Strand/ Winonan

The Student Senate met on Wednesday for a little over an hour to discuss campus concerns.

Scott Ellinghuysen, vice president of Finance and Administrative Services, requested that Winona consider accepting the Laird Norton building as a gift.

Ellinghuysen said the Laird Norton building, located at 125 West 5th street, would be a great community building, and it could also add more space for classrooms.

Along with the gift of the building, $125,000 would also be given to help pay for necessary updates.

Devin Johnson spoke on behalf of the mass communications department requesting $999 for their budget for the annual department scholarship banquet, when students and staff in the department are recognized for their work.

Members of the American Marketing Association (AMA) requested $741.02 to cover their budget for their annual bags tournament, a trip to an AMA event coming up in Eau Claire, and the “Buy A Rose, Save a Heart” fundraiser.

The constitution for the Sports Club was voted on to be sent back to the judicial committee for further revisions due to ambiguity in some areas.

Also discussed were the weekly reports from the president and vice president, which had no new news to report.