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Two graduating seniors fill Student Senate seats

Ben Strand/ Winonan

With the Student Senate supplemental elections at Winona State University complete and the winners, Garrick Hoekstra and Cory Marsolek, officially sworn in, they both said they hope to help make a difference in their last semester at Winona State.

Student Senate president Jessica Hepinstall said she is excited to have them both on the student senate committee.

“Cory brings a rational, analytical approach to senate issues,” Hepinstall said. “And Garrick has a political background that’s really beneficial, and he is really focused on advocating for the student body.”

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Hoekstra said he chose to run for the senate because he “thinks students need informed and dedicated voices on campus,”

Hoekstra plans to be more informed about what is happening on the campus by staying in touch with each organization.

He said he sees serving on the senate in his last semester as ending with something positive.

“When I leave here at the end of spring semester I won’t look back on my time here and wish I could have done more,” Hoekstra said.

One of the plans he hopes the senate can accomplish is passing the Clery Act.

“The Clery Act, which was proposed by other senators and campus organizations is essentially updating and improving the standards that the university maintains with regards to sexual assault,” Hoekstra said.

He said President Olson said, “one sexual assault is still too many,” advocating that each victim receives justice and support.

Marsolek, a public administration and political science major, said he hopes to leave a positive and lasting imprint on Winona State

Marsolek said the idea of becoming a part of the senate appealed to him after reading “The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Master of the Senate” by Robert A. Caro.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for parliament, but that book really intensified it,” Marsolek said.

Marsolek said his time at Winona state has been “extraordinary” so far, and he has met a lot of cool people from different backgrounds.

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of different clubs that have allowed me to meet a crazy variety of personalities and have a number of different experiences I’ll take with me on my voyage through the rest of this life,” Marsolek said.

He said he hopes his familiarity in statutory interpretation and administrative law allows him to offer a new perspective for positive changes in safety for students.

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