Winona State couples share love stories

Allison Mueller

Mason Moran and Jenna Meyer. How did you meet? Jenna: Through mutual friends last semester, and we ended up having constitutional law together this semester. I thought that I’d gotten the wrong book and decided to message Mason to see if we could go over the book. What was supposed to be a quick run-through of the book ended up being a three-hour conversation that had nothing to do with class and we never opened up our backpacks. Favorite part of your relationship? We’re so mentally in sync with each other, we don’t have to explain every reference we make to each other. We could reference Marvel Cinematic Universe, the War of 1812 and Schrödinger’s cat experiment in the course of a conversation and still be on the same page. It also is really great having someone who will nerd out about the law with me. (Photo and caption by Nicole Girgen)


Shenae Davis and Jacob Whelan. How did you meet? Shenae: We met last year on Feb. 25 on the app Tinder. We first met each other March 2 at the La Crosse Perkins for a late-night strawberry milkshake. We hit it off very well and we talked for what felt like hours. Afterwards, Jacob would make an excuse to see me in Winona. On April 2, Jacob had to dog sit for his brother and he asked if I would see him in La Crosse and help him dog sit, I said yes. We decided during the weekend that we wanted to be in a relationship. Two weeks after that weekend, we became Facebook official and the rest is history. (Photo and caption by Nikko Aries)


Jocelyn Puhl and Jared Lonergan. They met in Breckenridge, Colo. on a trip with the WSU ski and snowboarding club. On Feb. 19 they will have been dating for one month. Jared said his favorite thing about their relationship is that Jocelyn is always busy, but always still makes time for him. Jocelyn said her favorite thing about their relationship is that they never run out of things to talk about. (Photo and caption by Brianna Murphy)






Picture taken in October 2016 – Kaylee Stuckey and Nick Hernandez. How did you meet? Kaylee: I met Nick on the way to a mission trip in Tennessee. I offered to carpool from Milwaukee to save gas. We drove four hours together with him barely getting to say a word cause I talked so much. After a few years of being close friends, I finally gave in and we’ve been dating ever since. Favorite part of your relationship? Nick: I love being with someone that is just as weird as I am. I love being able to be myself around her. I love that she wants to see me succeed and I want the same for her. I love that we can be goofy together. I guess my favorite part is dating my best friend. (Photo and caption by Kendahl Schlueter)


Left to right: Beth and Cindy Killion. The two met when Beth was teaching at WSU as a replacement for a sabbatical in 1996, and she attended a new faculty orientation that Cindy was attending. Their mutual friend, Colette Hyman, introduced them. Beth remembers Cindy was wearing a button that said “No one knows I’m a lesbian,” and thought it was funny. They became friends, were engaged one year later and had the first of two ceremonies – the first in 1998 was a “commitment ceremony,” when they could not legally marry; the second was in 2013 on Aug. 1, the first day when Minnesota allowed legal same-sex marriages. (Photo and caption by Nikko Aries)


Taylor Becker and Nicholas Quist. How did you meet? We met in high school after doing a matchmaker fundraiser. We were each others matches and just decided to start talking, and here we are four and a half years later. Favorite part of your relationship? Being able to grow up together and having someone to transition with from high school to college is a cool experience.