Senior holds TED Talk on campus

Allison Mueller

Photo by Nikko Aries.
Photo by Nikko Aries.

Right: Senior Bekah Bailey leads a TED Talk for students and faculty members at Winona State on Tuesday, March 28 in Kryzsko Commons.

After first watching the Stella TED Talk, Bailey said she knew she had to share her story on having a disability.

“I was nervous at first, all I could think is, ‘what if they ask too many questions? [Or] too little,” Bailey said.

Bailey hoped the TED Talk gave a better perspective on ableism.

As far as the impact on the students, she hopes that they were able to attend her talk, Bailey stated that she wants recognition for people with disabilities.

“We are here. I want people on campus and everywhere else to be aware and notice what is accessible or problematic,” Bailey said.