Open letter to the editor



A few weeks ago a sign was removed from each of the bathroom doors of the Lutheran Campus Center (LCC). The LCC shares space with Mugby Junction, so I wondered if the owner or manager of the coffee shop had removed the signs; they hadn’t. I printed two new signs and posted them on the doors, perturbed by the initial removal. Then I sat in on a KEAP Council meeting and became more than perturbed, for I learned that safe space decals had been removed from the doors of twenty-four reported professors (as of April 5.) I made the connection and realized it was past time for me to speak up as pastor of the LCC.

The LCC has a long history of being an affirming and welcoming place for LGBTQIA+ persons. As a pastor of this community, I consider it my responsibility and calling to be out with this message: We do not condone hate speech nor hate crimes, and removing signs that read: “It’s not about bathrooms as it was never about water fountains” is hateful. Removing safe space decals is hateful. Furthermore, the removal of these declarations of sanctuary is cowardly.

The LCC will continue to stand with our LGBTQIA+ siblings and will continue to strive to be a place and ministry worthy of the name “safe space.” You can remove a sign on a door, but you cannot take that away.

KEAP on,

Pastor Corrine Haulotte