Film recommendations for quarantine, by director

Film recommendations for quarantine, by director

Noah Mruz, Film Reviewer

We are reaching the end of the semester, which means we are going to be met with a lot of free time soon. Hopefully you have a summer job somewhere that is still open, or an internship that you can participate in online. With all this free time, that means you will have a ton of time to stream new or favorite movies. However, sometimes all of those choices can be so overwhelming! Have you ever spent several minutes looking for new things to watch on Netflix, just to end up watching New Girl again? The answer is yes, maybe not New Girl, but we have all done it before. Today I am going to offer some recommendations that will narrow your options, while still giving you a variety of choice. These are my recommendations for films to watch by a variety of directors.

Ever want a film that talks to you like an adult, but reminds you of the bright-eyed optimism of being a kid? Well, director Wes Anderson is here to answer that call. In order to get acclaimed to his style, I would start with The Grand Budapest Hotel or Moonrise Kingdom. These films follow quirky adults as they deal with strange scenarios and can become relatable to you at the most unlikely moments. Anderson fills every shot with vibrant colors, interesting characters and incredible symmetry that make his films as enjoyable to look at, as they are to watch.

Looking for something a bit more action-packed and dramatic? Maybe you like a slight element of fantasy sprinkled in? Well, look no further than Christopher Nolan. Nolan crafts a compelling and thought-provoking story in almost all of his works. I would start with The Prestige, a film following two competing magicians in early 1900s England as they question if magic is real, or if science could create something similar. Maybe you want a little confusion in your film viewing. In that case, Inception is the way to go. A quick hint for you: the less you try to make sense of it, the more sense it makes. Still want more confusion? First off, you’re crazy, second, go for Memento. The film tells the entire narrative backwards!

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more comedic, childish and that will make you cry.  Then I recommend the wonderful New Zealand director Taika Waititi! His most recent film, Jojo Rabbit follows a young Hitler youth as he looks for friendship in a war-torn Germany. Maybe you want a little less Nazi Germany in your life? Well then Hunt for the Wilderpeople is for you. The film follows recently adopted child, Ricky Baker, as he and his adopted dad traverse the New Zealand forest hoping to return to society. Both films are snappy, humorous and heartfelt. You will laugh, you will cry and you will dislike kids less, I’m sure. It’s hard to summarize these two without giving the plot away, so go watch them! They will help you forget all about the dumb sickness that has stricken our world for under two hours each!

These are three directors I suggest delving into during this quarantine. There are countless others I could recommend but these three will help you distance yourself from reality, whether its delving into dreams or feeling like a child again through the medium of film! Stay safe out there, wash your hands and take a breath. We will get through this together, but from afar. I believe in you and your ability to stay in isolation, so you should too! Happy viewing readers!


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