Winona State offers “isolation meals”

Winona State offers isolation meals

Sophia Sailer, Editor-in-Chief

“Isolation meals” provided by the Chartwells Dining Center on Winona State University’s campus were made available Aug. 29.

This addition provides meals for students in quarantine and isolation while they are on campus.

The student seeking a meal picks it up at a window at the Jack Kane Dining Center or Lourdes Dining Center. If the student is unable to pick up their meal, a friend may go pick it up for them.

There are several steps in the process of getting an isolation meal.

After signing up online, students can pick one of three meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can then select preferences of drink and side options. To get their meal, students then go to the pick-up window at the designated time they are given after ordering. Along with the meal chosen, students are provided a salad, choice of water or milk, bread, and dessert. These meals are paid for as meal plan swipes would be used on a regular meal plan.

Some Winona State students find this option to be more of a hassle, while others see it as an easy option.

“If I had to quarantine, I would probably use this option” Camryn Miller, first year student, said. “but I would honestly rather make my own food.”

Sophomore Dakota Maertz disagreed.

“It seems like a hassle-free way of getting what you need while still staying safe,” Maertz said.

Some students are wary of there only being three options to choose from for meals.

“There are definitely not enough options,” Miller said. “There are many times just in the cafeteria that I don’t think there are enough options.”

Maertz believes that the selection should be there and that students are not in a situation to be “picky”.

“I think that this is enough to keep people satisfied. Sure, it’s always kind of shame that there’s not more choices, but the idea itself is definitely thoughtful enough to overlook this,” Maertz said. “I would say so long as the meals are able to conform to most people’s dietary restrictions and choices then I think that’s great.”

Maertz says he would be “perfectly happy” with this option.

“I think that this would work for me. I’ll eat just about anything, and not having to go too far or bust open too much of my ramen noodle stash is definitely a positive,” Maertz said.

Isolation meals came just as Winona State was in self-imposed 2-week campus quarantine from Sept. 8 through Sept. 22 as a strategy to slow the spread of COVID.

Isolation meals will continue to be available to students.



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