Who is on your ballot?: Presidential candidates

Who is on your ballot?: Presidential candidates

Ren Gennerman, Features Editor

With the 2020 election less than a month away, many Winona area voters have begun researching what exactly is on their ballot this election season. While some residents may see different names or positions on their ballots, most Winona State University students vote in one region. Using Ballotpedia, this article outlines what a typical Winona State student may see on their Winona ballot. The following information comes from Ballotpedia, CNN, the New York Times and candidates’ campaign websites.

Donald J. Trump: Republican Party, Incumbent President

Vice President: Michael Pence: Republican Party, Incumbent

After his presidential win in 2016, President Trump has made several key policy changes, including withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal, establishing the Space Force as a military branch, and appointing two U.S. Supreme Court justices. Trump has said he opposes abortion rights, supports repealing the Clean Power Plan through the Environmental Protection Agency, opposes the Affordable Care Act, and supports spending $5.7 billion on building a border wall on the southern border to protect against undocumented immigration.

Joseph R. Biden: Democratic Party, former Vice President to Barack H. Obama

Vice President: Kamaela Harris: Democratic Party, Senator

Former Vice President Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee on April 8, 2020. In the past as Vice President, Biden helped to implement the economic stimulus plan after the economic Recession in 2008, negotiated budget plans with Republican congressional leaders and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama in 2017. Biden says he supports a no out-of-pocket cost vaccine for COVID-19, supports the Affordable Care Act, opposes Medicare for all, and wants to continue having the United States as a leader in world policy.

Howie Hawkins: Green Party, Freight Unloader for United Parcel Service

Vice President: Angela Nicole Walker: Green Party

After retiring from the United Parcel Service in 2018, Hawkins began his bid for the President of the United States. Hawkins says that his time as a “working class” person in a Labor Union has helped to shape what he believes today. Hawkins says he supports nuclear disarmament and an end to the nuclear arms race, community control of the police and an economic bill of rights with Medicare for All to help mitigate economic inequality. Hawkins also said he supports the Green New Deal to help reduce the threat of climate change.

Roque De La Fuente: Alliance Party, Real Estate Developer

Vice President: Darcy Richardson: Alliance Party

After qualifying for the Ohio Democratic primary ballot, De La Fuente ran for president in 2016, and now again in 2020. De La Fuente says he supports creating more and higher-paying jobs, supports immigration as a first-generation American, acknowledges the “double-edged sword of climate change” and supports reform to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Brock Pierce: Independent, Entrepreneur

Vice President: Karla Ballard

With experience in the world of technology, including digital currency and Blockchain technology, Pierce is now running for the 2020 Presidential role. Pierce says he supports the “principle of liberty”, supports increasing sustainability, supports viewing wellness as a holistic experience and increasing governmental transparency. Pierce says he wants to engage in collaborative discussions with the American people.

Kanye West: Birthday Party, Music Producer

Vice President: Michelle Tidball: Preacher

After officially launching his presidential bid on July 4, 2020, West is now on the ballot in 10 states. West says he wants to bring prayer into public schools, give more governmental financial support to religious groups and he personally objects to abortion while not wanting to band it on a national level. West also says he supports police reform, supports reducing student loan debt and supports providing stipends to families that need assistance.

Jo Jorgensen: Libertarian Party, Senior Lecturer at Clemson University

Vice President: Spike Cohen: Libertarian Party

Jorgensen won the Libertarian Party nomination on May 23, 2020. Jorgensen says she supports reduction of health care cost by 75% by allowing price competition, wants to block any new borrowing of money in a spending bill and aims to “turn America into one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral’. Jorgensen says she opposes providing military aid to foreign governments, supports bringing American troops back onto United States soil and supports pardoning people convicted of nonviolent drug offenses.

Gloria La Riva: Party for Socialism and Liberation

La Riva is running for president in the Party for Socialism and Liberation. She says her goals include “making the essentials of life into constitutional rights”, saying she wants to ensure every person in the United States has reliable access to food, water, housing, education and health care. La Riva also says she supports replacing capitalism with socialism in order to prevent further effects of climate change, supports ending racism and police brutality, opposes anti-immigration laws and opposes the destruction of Indigenous lands.


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