Congressional Candidates

Congressional Candidates

Ren Gennerman, Features Editor

Tina Smith: Democratic Party, Incumbent Senator

After assuming office in 2018, Smith has represented Minnesota in the Senate for two years. During her time in office, she said she has worked to pass the Farm Bill, expanded on legislation increasing opioid abuse treatment and prevention, and tried to expand career and technical training. Smith says she supports legislation to lower prescription drug prices, supports affordable health care, opposes discrimination against LGBTQ+ Americans and supports having Indigenous Americans as part of the discussion about national policies.

Jason Lewis: Republican Party, United States Representative

After serving in the House of Representatives from 2017-2019, Lewis began his bid for the Senate seat in Minnesota. Lewis said that, during his time in the House, he “helped pass historic tax cuts and regulatory reform to improve the nation’s economy and spur jobs and wages”. Lewis says he supports criminal justice reform, supports tax cuts, opposes warrantless search and seizures and supports Career and Technical Education program funding.

Oliver Steinberg: Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis Party of Minnesota

While Steinberg does not have his own political campaign website, the Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis Party has said that they are “dedicated to personal freedom, justice and peace,”. The party says they work to restore civil liberties, repeal drug prohibition, promote environmental balance, ensure equality through the political process and completely legalize cannabis.

Kevin O’Connor: Legalize Marijuana Now Party, Attorney

After beginning his career as an attorney, O’Connor began his bid for the Senate in 2020. O’Connor has said that, though he acknowledges that the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was a tragedy, he does not believe that defunding police is the answer. O’Connor says he supports qualified immunity for public safety personnel, supports sustainable federal energy policies, opposes weaker borders and supports term limits—he has pledged to serve no more than two terms.


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